Technology Integrator August 2014 issue


Are You Looking for Qualified Entry-Level Technicians?

Today’s integrators are facing a challenge they have not dealt with in some time: finding and hiring qualified entry-level technicians. Being busy (and needing more people) is a good problem to have, but finding them can be nearly impossible. Hiring has become a hot topic among CEDIA members, and has consistently come up at “Connect with CEDIA” events over the last year.

Are You on ‘The List’?

It’s September; it’s CEDIA EXPO month. You’ve planned your trip, booked your flight and made a hotel reservation.

Back to the Future

I’ve recently started cleaning out my file cabinets. I have everything I’ve accumulated since the fire that burned my store to the ground in 1992.

Bay Audio Founder and CEO Ira Friedman

Ira 2014: So why did you start Bay Audio?

Distributors Speak Out

What are your top five brands and/or product categories, and why are they more accessible to dealers/integrators through distribution?

Enthusiasm = Customer Loyalty

Many in our business bemoan the commodity mentality seemingly afflicting today’s consumers. The condition we helped create instills pessimism. We now view our CE careers, once labors of love, merely as paychecks. But there’s evidence that enthusiastic consumers exist. We need only look to other product categories for encouragement.


CEDIA EXPO is nearly here … are you ready? CEDIA EXPO 2014 will take place Sept. 10-13 (show floor open Sept. 11-13) at the Colorado Convention Center. Registration is open; visit to start planning your trip.

Niles and the new Niles Auriel MRC-6430

Technology Integrator: What led to the development of the Niles Auriel MRC-6430 product?

The Bid You Won and the Bid You Lost

When you deliver your proposal package to your prospective client, everything is riding on that stack of papers you hand him. You may win a big job and celebrate or you may lose to your completion and wonder how and why you could have lost.
The thrill of winning a big sale can make you feel great. On the other hand, getting the dreaded phone call that you lost a big job can be a depressing experience that stings for weeks.

Why Understanding Your Customers Comes First

I work for integrators. My focus is to deliver them an all-inclusive toolkit that makes them well-equipped for every job they want to complete. I need to organize tools for their job preparation, sales execution, the fine points of installation, and other elements they may not even consider.