Technology Integrator April 2015 issue


CEDIA Modifies Electronic Lifestyles Awards

A well-known idiom cautions against messing with something that is working: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Don’t Sell with Your Own Wallet

Ron Perron of HCA Distributing, which handles the Rocky Mountains territory for
 Catalyst AV Distribution Group, on a common problem in the industry: underselling.

Gary Yacoubian, President and Managing Partner, SVS

SVS is engaging new audiences to world-class immersive audio and home theater experiences. We do this by making speakers and subwoofers that deliver amazing performance especially for their price, and by engaging the marketplace with future-facing digital marketing and social media strategies that bring growth and a new energy to our categories.

Guidelines for futureproofing your networks

How do you ensure that clients’ needs are met today while accommodating for the near future?

In Their Own Words: Scott Kelly, RTI

On the mainstreaming of home automation:

Looking Out for Lousy Legislation

A conversation with CEDIA Director of Government Affairs Darren Reaman about bills that could be harmful to your  business—and what CEDIA is doing about them.

The Big Picture: 10 Ways to Improve Business Performance

Last month, Frank White of marketing consultancy Weld2 told Azione dealers how to enhance their operations by developing their own  innovative business processes. He offered these 10 tips.