Technology Integrator April 2014 issue


3 Bad Habits That Can Kill Your Bottom Line

We all have bad habits we can stand to kick, whether it’s smoking or running red lights or, in my case, pushing the snooze button no less than six times every morning. We know these things could have some repercussions, and yet we continue to do them anyway.

Are You Integrating Your Company’s Workflow? Part II

As we discussed last month, when it comes to workflow, one size definitely does not fit all. There is no way that a small company should try to manage itself like a large company. Smaller companies need a lean and mean, no-nonsense workflow with minimal need for office supervision.

Breaking the Vise Grip

In the past I’ve described e-commerce as an elastic band, pulling supplier and consumer ever closer. My wife Kelly recently suggested the metaphor of a vise might be more comprehensive. I agree. Here’s why:

Custom Installer Tips: How to Set Up a Secure Guest Network

In today’s connected world, we want Internet access everywhere we go. Because of this demand there is a growing trend in both residential and commercial networking to offer free connectivity to visitors. The challenge seems to be doing so without compromising the integrity and security of the network. However, setting up a guest network that provides visitors with reliable connectivity—while keeping the private network secure—is actually much simpler than it may seem. With a little training and the use of the right tools, installers can easily deliver secure guest networking services to their residential and commercial customers.

Distributors Provide the Missing Pieces to Your Business Puzzle

Staying ahead in the consumer electronics business means having one eye open at all times for the latest trends and business opportunities. There are several ways to do this, but one very important element is establishing a strong relationship with your distributor.

Invest in Technology and You’ll See Returns

W hen Benjamin Franklin said the only two certain things in this world are death and taxes, he may have been a little bit shortsighted. Dealers know not to neglect the moments of work and play in between, because leisure and productivity are two of the biggest motivators of technology purchases.

Luxury is Back!

On March 4th, the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City hosted Rand Luxury’s first Luxury Technology Show. Rand Luxury is renowned for putting on its Luxury Review, which showcases the newest items of luxury in a broad range of categories. The Luxury Technology Show hosted, in conjunction with the Wall Street Journal, the newest trends in luxury consumer electronics and played host to press and media analysts, as well as to retail executives and their affluent VIP customers.

Technology Integrator Salutes Middle Atlantic Products

Middle Atlantic Products’ 425,000-square-foot factory headquarters and manufacturing facility is located in Fairfield, N.J. This is the primary location where product design, engineering and manufacturing activities take place. Our advanced manufacturing capabilities include laser fabrication cells, automated forming lines, robots and high-speed turret presses.

What’s Your Exit Strategy?

Well, you’ve put your blood, sweat and tears into your business and it’s been lucrative. Your mortgage is almost paid off, the kids are on their way to college and while they still may come home afterwards, hopefully they’ll get a job and let you consider the next phase of your life.