Technology Integrator April 2013 issue


Advocating New Frontiers in Energy Management

Progressing into 2013, the ever-increasing pace of technology is immediately apparent. We live in a digital world. We are moving past the Information Age, where data was suddenly at our fingertips, to a Connected Age. We are more connected than ever to our devices, our homes, and (arguably) each other. In this new paradigm, we hold the world in our pockets—everything from our friends to our music to our light switches are now sleekly encased in magical black boxes that we still, colloquially, call our “phones.”

CEA Small Business Members to Lobby Key Issues on Capitol Hill

One of the often-overlooked yet critically important benefits of membership in the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) is government affairs. While the professional advocacy team at CEA works tirelessly to protect members’ business interests at the federal and state level, it’s the grassroots efforts of the members themselves that really make a difference in Washington.

Customer Focus Is The Key To Unlocking Your Full Business Potential

You don’t report to Frank Sterns for 15 years and not learn a little bit about wine. Frank was my boss at both Niles and Infinity. And while you might not know him, you’ve probably sold, installed or even used some of the market-leading products he developed. Maybe you’ve even tasted his award-winning Aurielle wine. We both enjoy a passion for high-end electronics, and Frank’s love of fine wine has rubbed off on me.

Digital Signage: A fast growing opportunity for today’s custom installer

First, let me apologize for the reference to the Ace of Base hit “I Saw the Sign” from the 90s. It was just too good to pass up. With that out of the way, let’s start with a question I get from some of the installers I speak with: “What is digital signage and is it an opportunity I should be pursuing?”

Jessy Crabb, General Manager, Metra Home Theater Group

Technology Integrator: Metra Home Theater Group is part of Metra Electronics, a company widely known for mobile electronics. Please talk a bit about how and when this subsidiary grew.

Making That Luxury Sale

There is a simple truth: The money is out there. Dynamic consumption of certain luxury brands in Western Europe and the U.S. has enjoyed double-digit growth since 2010.

Margin Mapping

Technology Integrator: The biggest challenge integrators face is profitability. Specifically, what is the single most important thing you’re doing this year to help your integrators make more money than they did last year?

Operational Excellence for Today’s World

In today’s “new normal” economy, companies are looking in every direction to maintain profitability and grow their business. It has become imperative to look beyond the top line and focus just as intently on decreasing operating expenses to run leaner and more profitably.

Should Luxury Really Be Your True Target?

Landing luxury projects and high-end customers are what many people in this industry ultimately aspire to do.

Technology Integrator’s 2013 Reader Survey Results

What would we do without Wikipedia? By changing CustomRetailer’s name to Technology Integrator (see last month’s OneVoice column), our goal is to reinforce the brand image, which, according to Wikipedia, is a customer’s mental picture of a brand. Effective brand names build a connection between the brand personality as it is perceived by the target audience; it should also be on target with the brand demographic. Over time, a brand identity evolves. The highlights of our 2013 Reader Survey underscores the fact that our subscribers have indeed evolved into technology integrators.

Total Control is in the Details for Celebrity Baker Buddy Valastro

The world’s favorite celebrity baker, Buddy Valastro, is expanding his baking empire with the recent grand opening of the second Carlo’s Bakery location in Ridgewood, N.J., and he’s using the ELAN g! system to provide simple and efficient AV control.

Two Tools to Simplify Your Social Media Management

Social media has become so ubiquitous that it often seems impossible to manage it all without losing your day job. Luckily for us, dozens of tools have been created to help organize social sharing platforms, and they are used by social marketers around the world to help streamline digital marketing efforts.

World Wide Stereo Raising the Bar On Excellence

For over three decades, World Wide Stereo has been one of the nation’s leading providers of emerging technologies, both cutting edge and practical in the consumer electronics arena. With a reputation for integrity and quality, World Wide Stereo has survived the test of time by offering personal service, award-winning installations and competitive pricing.