CustomRetailer Today February 2012 issue


A Good Time to Expand into 
Commercial Projects

I find it ironic that if someone had asked me as a child what I wanted to be when I grew up, I could never have told them the job that I am in now. None of the technology that my company is based on existed when I was a child. As I watch my…

Capturing a Piece Of The 
Rental Market

For the past couple of months, I have been writing about ways to expand your business and create new opportunities in this challenging business climate. This month I will focus on the apartment rental market, specifically on how to capitalize on the recent growth in this sector and the demands of today's renter.

Changing Business Models Is Half the Battle

I moderated a Webinar panel this month with CEDIA. It was an opportunity for the industry to get know the new CEDIA Chairman, Federico Bausone, better and to fire some hard-hitting questions at the assembled panelists.

Embracing Commercial Projects

The last three years have been challenging for our industry. The direct impact of the unstable housing market sent shockwaves of uncertainty through the economy and our clientele. Residential projects were cancelled or put on hold and homeowners lost interest as their focus shifted to survival mode.

Flipping the Commercial Switch

When Bill Janka took over Mission Audio Video, a mainstay in the Santa Barbara, Calif., retail community, the customer base was quite different from today. In the 1970s and '80s, Mission's customers were primarily audio enthusiasts.

Just In Time

Petra Industries is one of the top distributors in the country, with 26 years of experience serving more than 36,000 installers, integrators, retailers and e-tailers across the country. CustomRetailer sat down with president/CEO, Bill Stewart, to learn how the company is helping dealers add to their bottom lines with accessories and more.

Making Amenity Space
 Design Pay Off

Word of mouth in custom is, naturally, the best advertisement for an integrator's work. So what could speak of the excellence of a well-executed project better than when an installation in a common space is regularly accessed by dozens of residential homeowners?

Making the Move to Commercial

The wrenching changes in the residential custom integrator business have caused integrators to rethink, retool and adapt their business models, in many cases, to embrace commercial. Manufacturers' reps, too, have had to adapt in parallel with the clients they serve.

ROE vs. ROI, Part II

Last month we ended with how one measures ROE? Today, there are a growing number of ways to measure ROE. Google Analytics, Facebook brand pages and third-party social media clients such as Hootsuite and Tweetdeck are some examples. Each of these have features that allow you to see how many people have viewed your content,…

Say Hello to Bob Hana

Shortly after the Home Technology Specialists of America (HTSA) announced that Bob Hana had been appointed as their new Managing Director, CustomRetailer got Hana to take a few moments from his busy schedule to chat about his plans for the organization in 2012 and beyond as he settles into this new position.

Show Me the Money!

I hate April. I used to like April—my birthday is in April. But now, I just hate it. Not because as one gets older, the birthdays seem to come more often, but April is a cash-flow nightmare. Does your company suffer from the April Cash Flow Nightmare? What causes this?

The Service Trifecta

CustomRetailer: When we spoke last year, your market goal was to become a one-stop shop/connectivity solutions company for all the solutions integrators need. Also, at that time, you said about 40 percent of your sales were to the CEDIA-type residential channel with retail sales accounting for just over 20 percent and the balance of business…

Time to Shine

This year CEDIA has made two important changes to the Electronic Lifestyles® awards program to make it easier for members to enter their best projects. Here's what you need to know: