CustomRetailer September 2011 issue


‘Re-focus on Growth’

CustomRetailer: Jeremy, you are on the road meeting dealers non-stop these days, what's going on?

A Certain Affinity

"Don't worry, we'll fix it in post." It's a joke often uttered by amateur and professional filmmakers alike. In this digital age, a remarkable amount of "fixing" can indeed be done after the production has wrapped. For most of us, the phrase "post-production" conjures thoughts of visual effects, as well as film editing, sound mixing, and now 3D rendering.

CustomRetailer Special Security Section

CustomRetailer looks at physical and cybersecurity

It’s Time

Several years ago, as high-end home theater was hitting its first major stride, Sam Runco related to us representatives that a key reason for high-end home theater's success was due to "what we learned from our parents" in that, "our parents worked tirelessly (often more than one job), sacrificed for us and thought of nothing but us; and, what we learned from this is that we too should think about nothing but us."

Keeping Faith With Audio

CustomRetailer: In the few months since you have been at Lenbrook, the company has made some big changes in the U.S. market. Can you tell us about the thinking behind them? Was the decision to go factory-direct made as a cost-savings measure?

Ten Talk

As the industry circles back to CEDIA's home turf of Indianapolis, 10 of the industry's most prominent integrators spoke to CustomRetailer on the eve of the 2011 Expo abotu their challenges, the adjustments they've had to make to stay in business in a relavant way and their hopes for the future

The Balance Sheet, Part II

Most small business owners are concerned about profits. So they often look at the Income Statement (also referred to as the Profit and Loss Statement or P&L). Good business owners carefully monitor net profit, gross profit and overhead.

The Digital Foundation 
of Your Business

Hagai Feiner, President, and Aaron Gutin, VP Sales and Marketing, Access Networks explain why enterprise-grade networking must be the digital foundation of the home going forward.

The False Dichotomy of 
Residential vs. Commercial Integration

The A/V integration market is commonly broken down into two major categories—Residential and Commercial. This dichotomy helps people understand and appreciate the different topics and concerns that are appropriate for a given integration firm or individual project. It is not uncommon for an integrator to be asked what percentage of their business is residential and what percentage is commercial. This is the way we have traditionally broken down our businesses in our own minds. Well, I believe this is becoming a false dichotomy.

Twitter Chats 101

Twitter chats are organized gatherings of people on Twitter where the group discusses an assigned topic, using a hashtag (such as #AVchat) to track the conversation.

What’s Your Breakout Plan?

Unlike many of my friends, my fascination with bicycling came to a crashing halt in the sixth grade. As I was flying over the handlebars it dawned on me that I wasn't cut out for that sort of thing. But the painful experience doesn't deter me from enjoying Le Tour de France broadcasts every summer.

Wooing the Luxury Market

There is no better time than a CEDIA EXPO to talk about what our industry does right and wrong. One of the things we have to re-address in a big way is the luxury market.

Yours for the Taking

As your industry trade association, CEDIA works year-round to support its members and the industry. Though there are numerous benefits that help CEDIA members save time and money around CEDIA EXPO, there is also a suite of member benefits that are available to you throughout the year. CEDIA is your association. Are you taking full advantage of the resources it offers?