CustomRetailer September 2009 issue


‘You Can’t Fight Gravity’

Something Tim Costello, chairman and chief executive officer of Builder Homesite, Inc., said at CEDIA Management Conference last March continues to ring true: "You can't fight gravity."

A Smart Idea

In my many years of working in the audio/video field, I have met many "smart" people

At the PARA
Roundtable: Part 1

CustomRetailer: What does it mean to be a PARA dealer in these times? What is this "PARA difference?" As a PARA dealer, how do you serve your customers in a unique way?

Best Case Scenario: Adaptation

CustomRetailer: In your opinion, when did we first start to feel the rumblings of a change in the CI industry?

CEDIA Celebrates 20 Years of Excellence

While we were designing this issue of CustomRetailer, I kept thinking back to the great leaps and bounds the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association has made in the last two decades

CEDIA History Timeline: 1990-2009

Follow along as we chronicle the formation and ascension
of the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association.

CEDIA Names Electronics Lifestyles Winners, Fellows

At CEDIA Expo in Atlanta, the group announced 50 winners of the 2009 Electronics Lifestyles Awards, as well as ten 2009 CEDIA Fellows.

CEDIA Vets Speak Out

The 7 Days of the Creation of CEDIA...

 All of the Bases

Electronic systems contractors need to work with systems that can cross easily between the world of commercial and residential integration

Credit Survival Skills in a Tough Economy

Lately, we have been receiving some wonderful accolades from our vendors' credit managers for responsibly dealing with our account

Do You Have the Advantage?

"If you don't have a competitive advantage, don't compete."

Finding the Keepers

How much does it cost you to have the wrong people working for you?

Follow Me

In times of economic struggle, businesses often seek innovative and cost-effective ways to market their products and services to their customers.

 the Load

Heavy lifting is heavy lifting, no matter if it is a hood and mechanism for an exterior retractable awning or a $50,000 front-projector system.

New Free Agent Theater from Seagate

Seagate Tuesday announced the latest edition of its Free Agent Theater, the Plus HD Media Player.

Playing the ‘Quality Game’

M.D. Manufacturing has been around for almost 50 years now, and we've watched the vicissitudes that have occurred in markets.

Testament to Success

The economic climate is optimistically wary, but survival, and dare we say prosperity, is a challenge that custom integrators and their manufacturer partners can achieve together

The Industry's First Virtual Training & EXPO

Will this be your first CEDIA EXPO checking your Twitter account and racing back to your room to post an update to your Facebook page?

 Projection Screens

We've written articles detailing the history of our involvement in the development of screen materials for video projection.