CustomRetailer October 2011 issue


65 Years of Synergy

CustomRetailer shares time with Paul Jacobs, CEO of Klipsch Group, as it celebrates its 
65th anniversary as the new multi-brand arm of Audiovox. By

A Force, 
A Presence, 
An Industry 

There has never been a person more deserving of receiving the honor of being inducted into the CE Hall of Fame than Sam Runco. Not just a visionary in the world of home theater and projection systems, but a true evangelist for what the real experience and emotional impact of a properly designed home theater system can bring to a family or individual.

Fresh Is In, Part I

If you assume that old ways will carry you through this new market, you won't be around long enough to rethink. The market is shifting under the economic pressures, but also under the dawn of fast, robust, user-friendly options that are cheap and way cool. Mostly they are fresh. They are way more appealing than the older solutions some think of as stodgy, tried-and-true, home integration systems.

Grounded, Yet Flying Far

CustomRetailer: Would you provide a little background on the company?

Leaping in the Clouds

CR: With a successful integration business in Florida (Tempus Electronic Lifestyles), what prompted you to start Clare Controls?

Lessons Learned, Opportunities Available

The past few years for this industry have been a battle. The U.S. housing market statistics, consumer and federal debt data, and unemployment rates paint a bleak picture of the current economy that may be slow to improve. However, 2011 CEDIA EXPO keynote speaker, Tim Costello, Chairman and CEO of Builder Homesite Inc. and New Home Technologies LLC, presented some opportunities that electronic systems company owners can focus on to grow business and stay relevant in difficult times.

Put on Your Dancing Shoes

A recent headline in The Wall Street Journal read, "Home Forecast Calls for Pain." It was followed by an article describing how industry analysts predict the weak economy will depress home prices for years to come.

Social Showing

Over the past year, we've seen social media become more prevalent in overall marketing strategies, from everyday brand promotion to customer service. Social media has also started to play a larger role in trade show marketing, a trend we saw at CEDIA EXPO last month

The EXC!TE Award Winners Continue to Impress

It takes an entire summer every year to collate, discuss and decide on who will receive the CustomRetailer EXC!TE Awards presented at CEDIA EXPO. Every year, just when you think you've seen it all, new manufacturers arrive on the scene, with that "Ah, ha! Why didn't we think of that?" product. This year was no…

The Future of
 Home Integration Part 7: Marketing Against the Gorillas

Last time, I discussed how to leverage our superior knowledge and experience in sales, design and delivery of service to compete with ADT, Verizon and Comcast in the emerging wireless home integration space. Today, we will tackle a more challenging problem—marketing against these gorillas. These electronic service providers (ESPs) are masters at TV, print and…