CustomRetailer October 2009 issue


10 More Mistakes Companies Make

Back by popular demand are the do's and don'ts by industry experts (See the first installment in CR’s August issue.) Take a look at the advice we’ve compiled for you to see if yo

A Family Affair

Since 1946, the name Klipsch has been synonymous with premium speakers. This month, devoted leaders Fred and Judy Klipsch celebrate 20 years of owning this industry icon.

Coming to a Home Theater Near You

Panasonic is making a big production of 3-D Full HD (3-D FHD) Home Theater technology,

Emerging Market: Multimedia Memorials

First, the cold facts: the annual death rate in the U.S. currently is about eight people per thousand, meaning that approximately 2.5 million of us will not live to see 2010. Kind of puts recession-stress in perspective, doesn't it?


CustomRetailer is proud to bring you the 2009 edition of the EXC!TE Awards- innovative products handpicked with your business in mind. Enjoy!

Just Because You Asked

When we ran our first 10 Biggest Mistakes in August, CR readers wanted more.

Keep Up the Momentum

October is here and CEDIA EXPO has come and gone.

Think Globally, Act Locally

While I was teaching a class at CEDIA EXPO last month, I introduced the topic of breaking even. I mentioned that the last article in my column in CustomRetailer was about breaking even. One attendee (let's call him Bob*) turned to me and said, "Yeah, I know all about breakeven! I just finished one of…