CustomRetailer November 2011 issue


Aging Gracefully

Note: This is the debut of "Follow the Money," a new monthly column by Tim Costello, the CEO of Builder Homesite. This column appears in the November issue of CustomRetailer magazine.

CEDIA EXPO 2011 Takeaways

The post-CEDIA EXPO season reminds me of the time as a child shortly after Christmas when something you had looked forward to for so long is now over. I felt like this year's EXPO was a great one for me and our industry as a whole.

Defying Death

Two years ago, while in Upstate NY visiting our dealers, I found myself stranded for a night in Troy, N.Y., as a result of car trouble.

How to Tackle the ‘Hard Stuff’

Is your bottom line where you want it to be? Who can ever say yes to that question? The truth is you may not be taking full advantage of CEDIA member benefits that could save you time and money

LEED Certification for ESCs

Electricity has been a standard feature in the American home for 80 years. It's almost hard to believe that it was once a sellable feature.

Luxury Branding—Revisited

From what we are hearing, what we know as the "luxury market" is back. Pent-up desire and the money to buy are what seem to be driving installations in our channel that had been put on hold due to the scary news about the economy. I am not qualified to speak to the global financial crisis, but it's the emotional side of the equation that interests me.

Mining the New Luxury Market

CustomRetailer: Is there a new definition of "luxury market," as opposed to its definition before the 2008 economic shifts? And if that's the case, how can integrators best re-frame their approaches to work within the changed definition?

Social Media Screening

By now it's common knowledge that social-networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are great avenues for sharing with family and friends. Facebook, for example, now boasts a user base of over 800 million people.

Strong Developments in 
Digital Connectivity

In the world of connectivity, digital video trends can change quickly. Aside from the rapid development of new interfaces such as Thunderbolt and the need for manufacturers to produce connectivity solutions quickly for system integration, large trends are taking shape that are changing the very landscape upon which we've operated for years.

Technology on Display

Positioning the beauty, flexibility and performance of your custom installation to the right people is always a challenge. One of the ways this industry has always pushed itself in front of the design community and its clients is through designer show homes.

The Digital Home Health Boom

As marketing manager for Home Controls, I have been helping custom electronics professionals promote their automation, networking and security businesses. I talk about branding, web presence, marketing materials, social media, networking, training and referrals.