CustomRetailer November 2009 issue


Adaptation Is Key to Success

Now that November is here, and the summer feels like a faint memory, it's time to start thinking about next year. What do we want our businesses to look like? What changes are we going to make? Running a business during this current economic downturn has taught us many lessons. As several of the panelists…

At the PARA
Roundtable: Part 2

The first part of CustomRetailer's conversation with PARA members can be found in the September 2009 issue and online at

Getting the Balance Right

Many companies talk about achieving a level of balance between their customers, employees and products but after a recent visit to RTI's new world headquarters in Shakopee, Minnesota, it was a pleasure to witness firsthand a
company achieving this sometimes lofty goal.

Logging On For Sales School

Internet-based sales training can be a valuable part of the education process.

Overcoming Price Erosion

As Tweeter, Circuit City and several other retailers have disappeared from the audio/video landscape, one would think the price-erosion would slow down. Unfortunately, that does not seem to have happened, and part of the reason is Walmart, which continues to provide the lowest price in retail. The consumer is now getting used to a new…

Privileged Partnerships

NuVision’s vice chairman hopes the brand will become the Patek Philippe
of the flat-panel display world.

Sense of Discovery

There is a show on cable TV where the host travels around the country to sites where, for a daily fee, people can pan for gold, dig for opals, hunt for diamonds or other precious gems and minerals.

Take No Prisoners

One of the best parts about being the editor of CustomRetailer is my ability to get out in the trenches and connect with manufacturers, custom electronic systems contractors, associations, etc

That Which Is Measured, Gets Done

Have you been to the NEW Yes, since mid-September we have migrated the site to Web 2.0 and here are the newsworthy benefits:

What’s Your Plan for Success in 2010?

During the height of the housing market, it seemed like all of us in the custom installation industry had the wind at our backs, filling our "sails" in a way that accelerated dealers and manufacturers alike to record profits

Worry-Free IP

Dotting the 'i's and crossing the 't's is de rigueur for the best
integration companies in our business. After all, you employ checks and balances in every vulnerable phase of your company—background checks, vehicle insurance and your phone number
on the sides of the van so your guys know they'll get busted for driving like madmen. You…