CustomRetailer May 2012 issue


Adopting a Mobile Device Strategy

Those of you who work the commercial industry are quite familiar with enterprise-grade networking equipment. It's not a hard sell to your customers. They understand that their needs warrant a more sophisticated system. Commercial projects are no longer the only ones that warrant an enterprise-grade system, however.

Automating & Getting Connected

A peek at some of the newer home automation and connectivity hardware and software solutions and related products, reveal that suppliers are vigorously working to improve their offerings in the service of integrators and their changing business needs.

Back to Basics

As we look back at the last three years, I must admit that we have spent an incredible amount of time and energy to do/be something, which we did not need to do/be. The more things change, the more they stay the same, let me highlight.

Forces Unite

Recently two prominent Texas rep firms in the AV/wire/automation industry, Houston-based KK Associates and Fort Worth-based Lucas Sales, formed an alliance to create Integral Marketing Associates. Under this model, the two firms will divide a four-state area including Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Arkansas, with the Lucas team managing all northern markets and the KK team managing all southern markets.

Going Green

Over the past six months, I've been talking about different ways you can expand your business in the current economy. But there is no topic that I am more passionate about than green building. More importantly for your business, the general public is becoming passionate about the topic.

Measuring Wireless 
Network Performance:
 Data Rates vs. Signal Strength

In January we discussed the use of Wi-Fi signal mapping technology as a sales tool to demonstrate signal strength of the wireless network. Now, we would like to introduce the other important measurement that all network installers should use to validate the installation and ensure a positive customer experience. Although signal strength is often the…

Taking the High Road to Dealer Success

CustomRetailer: How has Tributaries changed the way it does business to survive and ultimately thrive in this challenging economy?