CustomRetailer May 2011 issue


Build Your Brand

Last month we talked about how social media is changing today's workplace and the importance of setting corporate policies for social media interaction. So now that your company is out there in the social space, it's important to make sure it's being done right—and that your social media voice accurately reflects your brand. Here are…

Calling All EXC!TE Awards Entries

Mark your calendars for the CustomRetailer EXC!TE Award entry dates: June 1 through July 22, 2011.

Committing to IT 
in a Serious Way

Imagine for a second that as I type this article, I am standing in the middle of a vast battle field in rough terrain: mud-soaked boots adorn my feet and ankles; my hands rough from days of work and long nights of being on guard; tired eyes sunken into my face; my skin worn and wrinkled.

Digital Signage Sweeps the Boards of Commercial

We asked Maria Porco, vice president of business development, X2O Media, her current thoughts on the growth of the digital signage market:

How To Install Manageable, Enjoyable 3D

Digital Projection International offers both single and stacked 3D projector solutions to the residential and commercial A/V channels, as well as both passive and active 3D solutions.

Keep Learning: HDMI + CEDIA EXPO

HDMI is a fantastic single-cable solution for pairing a couple of consumer products, but it also comes with its own set of challenges. CEDIA has multiple resources to help you work through your HDMI hang-ups. If you're looking for hands-on HDMI training, CEDIA has developed an eight-hour intensive training course that will be offered at…

Not a Cloud in the Sky

Like some of you out there, I own each of the current generation gaming platforms...PS3, Xbox 360 and a Wii. On occasion I will jump online for a quick match. A couple of days this past week I was unable to join any games on the Playstation network because the entire PSN was down.

People, Strategy, Execution

Over 150 of the industry's brightest and most forward-thinking professionals attended the CEDIA Management Conference at the Rancho Bernardo Inn in San Diego, Calif., from March 9 though March 12.

Pharmacy Owners 
Learn Value of
 ELAN G! Control System

The Lomax family is no stranger to running a successful business. Founded in 1973, the family's pharmacy business is experiencing rapid growth and now includes five northeastern Arkansas pharmacies.

The Pitfalls of Waiting to Sell Your Business

Timing a business sale is never an easy task, especially in today's volatile market. Much like the value on your home, there is often no good way of telling what the future will hold.

Thinking of Hiring A PR Agency?

Having a public relations agency can do a lot to improve your sales and visibility, but choosing the right agency can be a daunting task. Like all professional organizations, PR agencies come in all shapes and sizes.