CustomRetailer May 2010 issue


From Concept To End-User: Panamax/Furman’s BlueBOLT

We culminate our three-part series with Panamax/Furman's president, Bill Pollock, revealing the future of the technology. Also, the BlueBOLT beta testers go into detail about what they think of BlueBOLT after putting the technology through its paces.

Get Your Audio On

Knowing your audio can change your business; just ask Richard Millson, who turned his career in audio into a highly successful electronic systems business. Learn from Millson's experience at the May 4 Power Hour Webinar: "Using Audio as a Jumping Point to Build a Powerhouse." Continue your audio education through the month of May with…

Hollywood’s ‘Reference Room’

CustomRetailer: At the center of your media room is a projection screen that you worked with Da-Lite on developing—the JKP Affinity HD Progressive 0.9. What were you aiming for in collaborating on that design, and what did you achieve?

Magic Numbers

As I work with different ESCs throughout the country, I find a repeating pattern: owners who understand and regularly analyze their financial statements are more profitable than those who feel that the 'financial stuff' is best left to the bookkeeper and tax preparer.

Protecting Home AV Equipment From the Ground Up

After a successful CEDIA EXPO 2009, Middle Atlantic Products was further honored when its AXS Slide-out Equipment Mounting System was inducted into the Product Hall of Fame at the CEDIA Manufacturer's Excellence Awards banquet celebration.

Riding the Silver Tsunami

Everywhere you look, the greying baby boomer generation is in the news. Many years ago, I covered a feature on the home of the future—this was a home that would have digital sensors to monitor your movements and alert family members if something was amiss

The Silver Lining

The discussions and debates about the retiring baby boomers have been bandied about for years...and guess what, it's here!

Using Social Media
 To Be More Profitable

Traditional media is an instrument of communication such as newspapers, magazines, radio and television. Following that line of thought, social media is a social instrument of communication.