CustomRetailer May 2009 issue


Are You Listening?

Dependable business advice from trusted sources is just a click away

Big Ticket, No Compromises

CustomRetailer talks to Jon Herron, Wisdom Audio

Building the Bridge to Sustainable Luxury

How "green" fits into the luxury marketMany people will argue that, at their core definitions, the terms “green” and “luxury” are complete contradictions

Business As Usual... Not!

Your Gen X and Gen Y co-workers are not like you- and that's a good thing.

Charging Ahead

Focus on credit to build a more resilient business

Globally Green

Earth’s preservation depends on responsible CE recycling worldwide.

Growing the 'Green'

Suppliers and integrators discuss the thinking behind their strategies

It's Not Just a Trend

I have just returned from a press conference designed to promote and provide a sneak peek of the annual IFA consumer electronics show that will be held September 4-9 at the Berlin Exhibition Grounds in Berlin, Germany (see Our People page 12).

Make Every Day Earth Day!

Earth Day 2009, marked the beginning of The Green Generation Campaign™, which will also be the focus of the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day in 2010.

Mastering the Luxury Experience

Vantage VP of marketing explains the way the company caters to the integrator who caters to the luxury customer

Preparing For Growth

HTSA's Spring Event Was Packed With Motivational Strategies

Slimming Down, Smartening Up

In Part 3 of our Luxury Market series, we examine how vendors plan to make it through '09 with their business acumen (if not profits) intact.