CustomRetailer June 2009 issue


Are You Commercial?

The current new business opportunity buzz is commercial. Manufacturers are talking about it, reps are talking about it, and even the press is talking about it.  

Crossover to Commercial

CR arms you with the facts you need before you step out of your comfort zone

CustomRetailer’s Top-Producer Award—“The Closer”

A year ago, we started our CustomRetailer Customer Satisfaction Awards and I want to thank so many of you for sharing your, “above and beyond the call of duty” stories from your end-user customers

Innovate to Survive

3-D is a decades-old idea that started as a theatrical gimmick and has oft been attempted as entertainment since the first—and found wanting.

Innovation in Acoustics

Designing a great acoustic environment for any room provides a substantial foundation for a better quality of life.

It's a WACI World

Aurora Multimedia was established 11 years ago as a provider of control system programming services. From 1997 to 2004, Aurora became one of the largest independent control system programming companies in the U.S.

It's Under Control

Remote Technologies Incorporated (RTI) was established in 1992 as a manufacturer of home theater controls.

Looking to the Future

The Survival of the Fittest Webinar series continues to provide valuable information free of charge for CEDIA members.

Margins and Markups

Are you calculating correctly, and do you really know the difference?

Trends in Power Management

As if you weren’t feeling anxious enough these days, let’s have a pleasant little chat about fear.

What’s So Special About July 1st?

How smart you are. Yes, it’s Canada Day.