CustomRetailer July 2010 issue


A Timed Design

You can get a suit altered in three days. You can get an appliance fixed in three days. You might even be able to get a small party catered in three days

Back to Basics

Our economic woes have hit the reset button on how potential customers research, make purchasing decisions and spend their hard-earned dollars.

CEA LineShows: Huge Success!

Proving that the economy is heading in the right direction, the CEA LineShows was a resounding success in New York City on June 22 and 23

Do Your Vendors Have Your Back?

The recent (and continuing) upheaval in the economy has taught us all many lessons. One of them is that it is imperative to develop strong business relationships based on trust and reciprocity. In an increasingly competitive landscape, business relationships must deliver more value, more bang for the buck, than ever before. It can't just be…

On The Road With Xantech

When I get an opportunity to hit the road and witness firsthand how manufacturers, dealers, builders and distributors are doing business in 2010, I take it

The Missing Link

So, you get the Friday afternoon call from one of your best clients. The "so-and-so" isn't working, and there is an undertone of frustration and anger because this is not the first time he's had to make this phone call.

The Pig-Pen Effect

While I was speaking at a recent trade show, an attendee came up to me and said he was concerned about his profit—aren't we all!

Top-Down Selling: The Key to Selling Better Audio and Video

In the first few decades of what came to be known as the consumer electronics industry, most of us had a few things in common

Who Are Your Customers and What Do They Want?

In the movie "What Women Want," Mel Gibson plays an executive who, after an accident, suddenly can "hear" what women are thinking.