CustomRetailer January 2009 issue


Casting a New Image

Front projectors have come a long way in a fairly short time. It wasn’t long ago that we were installing hundreds of pounds of CRT, and spending hours (days?) making them look good.

CEDIA Crosspoint Launches

As the premier trade organization in the residential electronic systems industry, CEDIA has long focused its efforts on one goal: being a core component of its members’ prosperity. The association’s strategic plan is centered on this statement, which drives efforts from the top-tier education provided by CEDIA University to the industry’s main event—CEDIA EXPO—to a vast wealth of day-to-day member benefits.

Connected by Custom

We’re all connected.

Don’t Take ‘No’ For An Answer!

I am incredibly proud of this issue. On every page there is remarkably useful subject matter for you to retain and implement—no matter what aspect of the consumer electronics/custom integration community you belong to.

DSI Entertainment Systems

It’s one thing to receive accolades from a satisfied homeowner—the gratification of a job well-done never gets old. But when you can dazzle an industry partner, someone whose expectations are just a bit higher, your confidence skyrockets.

Faster Than a Speeding Bullet!

Over the past several months, our Web team and editors have been hard at work implementing a whole new Web platform across all of our publication titles.

Keith Marshall of Proficient

To a custom integrator, there is little more important beyond build quality regarding the products selected for a project. But when the benefits of carrying a line reach past “bulletproof” to include special attention to areas like aesthetics and fullness of customer support, all the better.

Lighting Control: It's Not Just For the Whole House Anymore

Lighting control has been around for a long time, of course, but it has been an all-or-nothing proposition for dealers and their customers ever since the concept was introduced. For almost 20 years, top-tier integrators have delivered the convenience and comfort of whole house lighting control very profitably.

Marketing: The Next Frontier in Custom Retailing

With business softening, fueled by weak home sales, it’s time to create buzz about your business so that you can capture a bigger piece of the shrinking pie.

Positive Projections

The big question now is how do we end this retail slump that has created the gloomiest retail projection in decades. Is there any good news in the future?

Survey Results

What are best practices, neat ideas; and what products are custom retailers selling? Are these products Audio/Video? Are these products Security Systems? If the products selling are security related, what are the specifics? These questions are the focus of this CustomRetailer survey.  

The Documentation Package, Part 2

Your Documentation Package includes a line listing—with pricing—of every component you need to complete the system. Let your client know that when the Documentation Package is delivered, in 10 days, you should schedule a meeting to then review the items and their pricing.

The New Monster M5 Dealer Program

The current economy means developing and executing smart sales strategies and literally leaving no stone unturned when it comes to potential profit-building opportunities.

When the Rich Are Wary

Old Westbury, an exclusive community in Nassau County, just north of New York City, is a luxury-dealer’s dream market. Median annual household incomes in the “village” hover around $250,000, and many families enjoy a net worth of penta-millionaire proportions.

Where Does Windows Go From Here?

To walk into the offices of cyberManor in Los Gatos, Calif., you’d never know this company is in the business of high-end home
theater and automation. Desks and floors are piled high with boxes, cables and paperwork, and it’s not until you reach the rear of the office that you find something that stands for a demo.