CustomRetailer February 2013 issue


A Great Show Really Drives Your Business!

I know we’re just getting back from the recent amazing CES, and the equally fantastic ISE. But don’t delay in making your plans for the CE Week Line Shows, which take place June 26-28 in New York City.

After Hurricane Sandy’s Devastation, Recovery Seems as Unpredictable as the Storm Itself

It’s been several months since Hurricane Sandy ripped through the Northeast, leaving billions of dollars in damage in the New Jersey, New York and Connecticut regions. Now, as devastated home owners try to recover from the destruction, a new kind of pressure is cast upon the custom retailers in the area. Some are handling it better than others, but all are making the necessary adjustments to their businesses—adjustments they never predicted before.

Audio-Technica Celebrates 50 Years... and Is Still Going Strong

In 2012, Audio-Technica celebrated its 50th anniversary—an indication of longevity for any electronics company. The company continues to push for advancing the art and technology of electro-acoustic design in headphones, microphones, USB turntables and other areas.

CTPG Roars! We Continue to Lead With Full-Service Media.

Some years begin with a wimper, and others with a roar. Here at NAPCO, 2013 is definitely starting off with a roar, as our Consumer Technology Publishing Group (CTPG) continues to define what a full service media company should be.

Efficiency is the Fastest Way to New Revenue

Historically, the way to add revenue in our industry has been to increase the amount of “boxes” you sell into your projects, increase the amount of projects you are capable of handling, or try to find alternative sources of revenue (service agreements, etc.)

International CES 2013 Takes Over Las Vegas

Take a city filled with great new products and technologies, 150,000 attendees and taxi lines around the block, and you’ll begin to have some idea of the craziness that is the International CES in Las Vegas.

Kevin Duffy, President of Polk Audio, Definitive Technology and DEI Holdings

CustomRetailer: You’ve now taken the reins as president of both Polk Audio and Definitive Technology, and are also retaining the responsibilities you took on over a year ago, as president of DEI Holdings. How are you planning to divvy up your time, and how much of it will be devoted to managing the Polk and Definitive brands, and building them further as profit centers for custom retailers and integrators?

Key Steps to Improving Profitability in 2013

Last month in CustomRetailer, Leslie Shiner looked at ways to improve your profitability in 2013 by succumbing to a higher power. Or, as she put it, “Get help! You can’t do this alone—if you could, you would have by now.”

Light at the Bottom Line

Shading and drapery—and the light control benefits of both—have not traditionally been at the top of the agenda when integrators and clients discuss a home automation project. They’ve long been seen as functional necessities that interior designers and architects must work into décor planning in the least obtrusive way. But the popularity of smartphones and tablets as automation controllers, along with the advent of more sophisticated shading and drapery materials and motorization solutions, are rapidly changing that view.

Part 5: Disruptive Innovation Will Transform Home Integration

Change seems to coming at us from all directions these days. At my own business in Monterey, Ca., we like to say—only partly in jest—that we revisit and revise our business model every few weeks. With all the disruptive innovation going on—new technologies, new product categories, changing manufacturing leadership, shifting competition patterns, expanding distribution channels, and growing Internet marketing and sales—we are constantly rethinking and re-evaluating every factor that influences our bottom line.

Professional Installer’s Guide to IP Networking

With AV, security, and home automation systems all running over IP networks, professional installers have a tremendous opportunity to grow their businesses by offering networking solutions.

The Entrepreneurial Journey of Numinus and NuLEDs

Numinus and NuLEDs are the creative results of serial entrepreneurs developing novel LED lighting solutions for niche markets. True pioneers in the LED industry, Chris and Lisa Isaacson developed the first ever twinkling LED and fiber optic starfield.

The New Era of Attachment Sales

Let me start off by saying that I will not be telling you to add cables, mounts or warranties to the panels you sell. I won’t be warning you not to forget to add audio to your projects. If you are in the industry today, you already understand the concept of attachment sales. What I do want to discuss is a question I hear frequently from dealers: “What else can I sell my customers to deliver more value to them and boost my profits, and how will I find these opportunities?”

What Does It Look Like To Run Your Race in 2013?

Every year, thousands upon thousands of people sign up for races, be it the Boston City Marathon, a local 5K or the Ironman World Championship. Training for these competitions requires a lot of time and commitment; not altogether different from running a company. Have you considered how your company will run its race in 2013? If you’re still not entirely sure, let’s look at a few race guidelines that may help.