CustomRetailer February 2011 issue


Branching Out

OmniMount is leaving no stone unturned, searching for opportunities this year and beyond

Emerging From Behind the Scenes

CustomRetailer: You're a company that started in the commercial space and you just recently entered the CI market. Would you speak about the reasons for your progression into residential custom integration?

Financial Planning Guide for 2011: Part II

When you create your operating budget, you set a goal for your expected revenue and expenses. This budget mirrors your Profit and Loss (P&L) Statement and helps you create your Gross Profit and Net Profit goals.

Highlights of CES

This year’s show was packed with exciting new products for the retailer and custom integrator alike.

How To Create a Successful
 Online Contest

By now, we all know that incorporating social media into your overall marketing strategy can offer huge benefits whether you're in a B-to-B or B-to-C environment. It can help to create visibility for your company, provide a useful channel to engage with target audiences and garner brand loyalty. But building a social media presence isn't something that happens overnight—it takes time and resources to create brand awareness and increase your reach.

Lessons Learned, Part II

Last month I wrote about my meeting with Rear Admiral Deets and two of my take-aways from that meeting—technology upgrades and bandwidth utilization. In this month's column, I will talk about the third key take-away from this same meeting—network security.

Looking Beyond Your A/V Comfort Zone

Successful business owners know from experience that to survive in a tough economy you have to be open-minded and flexible. A willingness to explore new methods and avenues of business when sales in tried-and-true categories are slowing down can help you add customers and grow revenue.

Recurring Revenue

Just as we were beginning to understand the realities of the industry shift from retailer to custom integrator, a new sea change looms on the horizon. Wireless, Internet-enabled home integration via smartphones is coming, and it will force us to stretch our minds, revisit our business models, and work much smarter.

Take Your Pick CEDIA Offers Multiple Ways for You to Reach New Audiences

Electronic Lifestyles® Magazine

What could be more impressive than showing industry partners a magazine feature on your project? CEDIA is looking to highlight projects that show the collaboration between electronic systems contractors and architects, builders or interior designers for the Fall 2011 issue of Electronic Lifestyles® Magazine.

The MoCA Solution

You don't need me to tell you that the custom installation market has changed dramatically over the past years. While new constructions once dominated the landscape, today's reality involves more retrofits, which translates into smaller-scale projects and tighter budgets.

The Smart People

I love working with intelligent people: they float my soul and put a smile on my face. This issue is brimming with the input from those types of people. As you read through this issue, you will be struck by how many folks are working diligently to push our industry forward and provide custom integrators with the new ideas, knowledge and tools to thrive in the future.

The Truth Hurts

Coming to the end of 2010, I was reflecting on the year, its challenges and its opportunities. One of the greatest insights of the year came to me at the 2010 CEDIA Management Conference. Prior to the conference, a book had been recommended to me, “SWITCH,” written by brothers Chip and Dan Heath. Again at the conference, the book was recommended and endorsed by others in our Industry

Your Social Connection

Like everything else in our world, marketing is changing, and if you're stuck in old patterns and methods, you may be taking your business down a destructive path. Today it's all about engaging and interacting with your customers—both existing and potential—and cutting through the clutter caused by the overstimulation of marketing messages over the last several years. In order to get their attention, and keep it, you must do something different.