CustomRetailer December 2011 issue


A New Approach To Sales

In the last issue of CustomRetailer, I wrote about the amazing opportunities available in the new and expanding aging-in-place market. I covered several areas of growth that illustrated why you should consider adding home health tech to your business portfolio. It had a very positive, go-get-em attitude. By contrast, this issue's column is a bit…

Achieving Operational Excellence

In today's "new normal" economy, companies are looking in every direction to maintain profitability and grow their business. It has become imperative to look beyond the top line and focus just as intently on decreasing operating expenses to run leaner and more profitably.

Join the ‘In’ Crowd

In the past, if you were new to the CEDIA channel and looking to join the association, the application process could have been a tad intimidating for you. The old process required a lengthy application, references and certification requirements. Beginning this year, CEDIA has removed these barriers to membership to make it accessible to all members of the industry.

Our Converging World

So, here I am…sitting at my desk, writing this on my laptop, connected to the world via a wireless network, using Google docs, listening to Internet radio, taking phone calls on a Voice over IP (VOIP) phone, and essentially living in a state of complete connectivity.

Remote Systems Management: 
THE Opportunity

Take a look at your staff. How have their job duties changed in the last five years? Most of us have seen firsthand a shrinking of the workforce as dealers are forced to do more with less.

Social Media Holiday Tips

For many businesses, the holiday season represents the most lucrative time of the year. While your marketing teams are creatively tailoring messaging to capitalize on the spending high, don't forget the role that social media plays along the way. From helpful holiday advice to ways to encourage sharing, here are a handful of tips for keeping your brand festive in your social media circle all season long.

Starting the New Year
 Off Financially Right!
 Part I

If you've slashed and burned, now is the time to start the New Year with the focus to build your business in a planned and structured way.

The 411 on Smart Locks

Teenagers being teenagers, sometimes they might, shall we say, bend the truth a bit, especially when it comes to things like when they got home last night? So imagine if your lock,that’s right, the lock on your front door, could inform you that your daughter actually came through the door at 2:00 a.m. and not midnight like she said? That would be worthwhile information, wouldn’t it?

The Financial Focus on 2012

Getting your financial house in order is something that should be an ongoing effort. Sadly as we've learned, many integrators seem to push this all-important business component to the back-burner while feverishly moving to attract new clients. It's tough, and a heck of a balancing act.