CustomRetailer December 2010 issue


'Tis the Social Season

With the holidays right around the corner, we thought it best to spend our time here talking about ways businesses can use social networking to drive sales during a time when people are at a spending high

3D: Are We Riding the Wave Yet?

There is no denying the marketing onslaught that has gone into the promotion of the 3D experience in the home. Not since the launch of DVD and the ongoing push of HDTV has the industry bandied together to promote product and, increasingly, content so aggressively.

Build Quality Wins Out

CustomRetailer: What products did you highlight at the recent CEDIA EXPO—and how did your introductions there address integrators' and consumers' needs? Tom Noack: Our FTP and SpiroLock projector mounts are two of our newest mounts. The big difference between them versus other mounts on the market is that they are extremely fast to install. Both…

Custom Retailing in Transition

Previously, we discussed the great paradigm shift that has overtaken the audio/video business and outlined a rationale for pro-active project selection (Part I). We then presented 30 criteria for doing so (Part II). In this final installment, we will use these data points to predict three critical outcomes: Client Satisfaction (CS), Staff Morale (SM) and…

Depth Perception

This two-element, two-part treatment of 3D for the December and January issues of CustomRetailer contains comments from a cross-section of industry executives, covering the progression of the 3D market in both the projection and the flat-panel sectors.

Looking Forward to 2011

Larger companies are finalizing their plans for 2011, while small companies are probably just thinking about their marketing plans and budgets. It is so much better to be ahead of the curve than to play catch up at the beginning of the year. What better time to look at hot marketing trends for 2011? And, no surprise, they all have to do with online marketing.

The CEDIA Marketplace

CEDIA Crosspoint is now accessible to CEDIA members and non-members alike. Visit and instantly have access to high-profile blogs, news articles, CEDIA updates and more as well as the latest from CEDIA's Twitter feed.

What’s Now, What’s Next

CustomRetailer: Your organization serves the residential A/V, commercial A/V and security sectors of the custom integration marketplace. Can you amplify your strategies for each of these sectors going forward? What did you learn, from the integrators and dealers you spoke with at the recent CEDIA EXPO, about what they need most from AVAD?

Your Clients’ Bandwidth Usage in 2014

Things are rapidly changing and will continue to change in the home networking environment. It is not enough to just realize that off-the-shelf network products are not capable of handling today's networking demands in the connected home, but that with even the best-of-class network systems being deployed by our top integration firms, we have no…