CustomRetailer August 2009 issue


Your Guide To CEDIA EXPOWith CEDIA EXPO just a few short weeks away, this EXPO Guide issue will provide you with insight into what you will find waiting for you in Atlanta. CustomRetailer's highly successful Build the Buzz program is a heads-up as to what gear you'll experience at EXPO. The Build the Buzz program…

10 Biggest Mistakes Companies Make

"A common mistake that companies make is to move forward with a new product, technology or solution without a proper understanding about the application, installation, or integration knowledge and experience required to create a positive outcome.

Breakeven Diagnosed!

Knowing your numbers is the difference between making profit happen or just happening to make profit.

Build the Buzz preview

Acoustic InnovationsCEDIA EXPO Booth #1227561-995-0090www.acousticinnovations.comConcerto Wall-Systems (CWS) offer a customizable stretch-wall solution for your next theater application. Encountering projects with existing millwork and an interior designer seeking control of the design? Find out why CWS is the perfect solution! Offering three levels of performance and documentation and an easy estimator to obtain immediate pricing. avielo…

CEDIA History 1997-2000 Part Two

1997: EXPO in Atlanta, GA First Boot Camp at EXPO Online Expo Registration launched First Consortium (Consortium for Electronic Home &
 Building Systems Installation Training) Meeting of Industry Associations (one base course of
 entry to the industry—later to grow into ESPA) CEDIA begins work with the FCC to support the
 switch to all-digital format by…

CEDIA: In-Person & Online

Having worked with CEDIA over the last few years, I'm always reminded that CEDIA is more than EXPO

Plug In to the Mainstream

A/V solutions based on powerline carrier technology aren't new, but the quality of service from the HomePlug Powerline Alliance changes the game.