CustomRetailer April 2009 issue


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In these challenging economic times, when a choice must be made about who a custom integrator will do business with, service is the differentiator—just as it is at the client level.

Confident ‘n’ ‘Carefree’

The CEDIA Management Conference kicked off in Carefree, Ariz., on March 4. This year’s theme was appropriately titled “Strategy=Sustainability” as attendees looked for ways to ride out this difficult economic climate.

Conquering the Great Outdoors

For those of us that uphold a nightly ritual of sitting outside with a decent bottle of Pinot, the thought of the lack of Mozart to accompany the close of yet another day is unthinkable.

Great Wide Open

When it comes to selling homeowners on the merits of entertainment systems in the great outdoors, Mike Sloan of Creative Sights ‘N’ Sounds, Inc., in Franklin, Tenn., is a real pro.

Hope is Not a Plan

“R.I.P Good Times”
—From Sequoia Capitol’s presentation to CEOs

Investment Advice for Today’s Economy

The papers and blogs are full of investment advice these days. One of the wisest pieces of advice I’ve always remembered comes from Sylvia Porter, a famous financial writer, who said years ago, “Invest in yourself, in your education. There’s nothing better.”

Panasonic Aims For the Custom Niche

The president of Panasonic Professional Display Co. reveals how his division is stepping into the high-ticket flat-panel niche that others have vacated.

Some Answers to an Annoying Question

While I was producing this month’s “Selling the Great Outdoors” feature, I couldn’t help thinking about all of the wonderful outdoor entertainment systems I have experienced in my life.

Successful Leadership

CEDIA’s March Survival of the Fittest Webinar focused on leadership competencies. Presented by Jim Schwab and Dick Butz of Career Consultants Group, the Webinar covered the attributes of successful owners/managers, sales people and technicians.

The Dr. is In

There are two ways to run a small business today—one by the seat of your pants and the other by the numbers.

Through Dealers' Eyes

TruAudio has done extremely well for a company that only started business in 2000. Located in St. George, Utah, in a 55,000-square-foot operation, TruAudio’s charismatic founder Brent Howard had plenty to say about the audio business, commitment and what TruAudio brings to the table for its dealers.