CEA Inducts Its 2012 Hall of Fame
October 17, 2012

The Consumer Electronics Association inducted a group of industry pioneers into its 2012 CE Hall of Fame last night at the Industry Forum in San Francisco.

The Clicker's Moment: After 60 Years, TV Remotes Get Zapped With Makeovers
December 6, 2011

Sixty-one years ago, Zenith Radio Corporation developed the first remote control for televisions. It was wired, but you'd recognize its function. Three years later, Watson and Crick would discover the double helix. Sixteen years after that, Armstrong and Aldrin would walk on the moon. TVs would get larger.

CEA Inducts Hall of Famers
October 22, 2009

The new members of the Consumer Electronics Hall of Fame were inducted Tuesday at the CEA Industry Forum in Phoenix.

2009 Distributor Directory
April 1, 2009

In these challenging economic times, when a choice must be made about who a custom integrator will do business with, service is the differentiator—just as it is at the client level.

Edge Group Member to Co-Sponsor Third Annual Consumer Electronics Expo in Dallas
January 22, 2007

A member of The Edge Distributors Group, which consists of 14 independently-owned regional distributors catering primarily to custom install and residential systems integrators, will host a regional trade show for custom installation and electronics dealers. Dallas-area Edge member Electronic Lane will do the honors at Consumer Electronics Expo 2007, to be held March 31 and April 1 at the Marriott Quorum Hotel in Dallas. Two other area distributors, Sunbelt Associates & Distributing and Southwest Electronix, will also sponsor the event. The show, said Edge, offers seminars and training sessions, access to factory representatives, special show prices and a 90-manufacturer expo. The group expects 400 dealers and

NuVo Names Vice President of Sales, USA
October 10, 2006

Distributed audio vendor NuVo Technologies promoted Rick Powers to vice president of sales, USA. Powers, a 25-year CE veteran who joined NuVo in January 2005 as western regional sales manager, has held sales management positions with Zenith/LG Electronics, including vice president of USA sales. He also served as director of North American retail and OEM sales at Advanced Digital Broadcast, and as regional sales manager at Xantech.

Digital Stream HD 3150
April 1, 2005

DTV receiver By Ron Goldberg Since the inception of the DTV transition, over-the-air (OTA) reception via an antenna and ATSC tuner has been the most immediate way to get HDTV, and in some cases, the only way. With the cable and satellite providers offering more high-def programming each month, HD set-top boxes have become a niche category, but an increasingly important one. The Digital Stream HD 3150 is a simple but powerful DTV tuner that gives excellent bang for the buck. DESCRIPTION About the size of typical digital cable TV box, the HD 3150 is an unobtrusive and undemanding addition to the rack. It

The 2004 C-Business 50
April 1, 2004

Today's evolving C-Business landscape is like a Rohrschach test, in that the patterns look different to everyone that takes a peek. But in spite of—or perhaps as a result of—the explosive changes taking place in technology and business practices, the sector remains rich with possibility and continues to grow exponentially. Sometimes that success is driven by companies and individuals whose work is often overlooked in the larger scope of events. Other times, the success is the work of highly visible forces, who bring forth visionary ideas that rock the industry. All of which brings us to this year's C-Business 50. Each year, Custom Retailer