Hitachi UltraVision 42HDX60 Plasma Monitor
October 1, 2003

By Ron Goldberg The plasma market has become so crowded with cut-rate panels that it often becomes difficult to separate the technological wheat from the chaff. Hitachi's new 42HDX60 positions high-end engineering and a rich feature set as the cornerstones of its value proposition. From the perspectives of performance and convenience, it's not likely to be confused with many products in its class. The 42HDX60 is part of Hitachi's "Director's Series," and is the flagship PDP in its size category. The 42-inch panel features 1024 x 1024 resolution, and is designed as a two-piece system. The accompanying "Control Center" is an outboard

Personnel Best
June 1, 2003

The Sales Staff as Marketing Tool By Lew Brown With the recent move by Circuit City to eliminate commissioned sales people, the third largest CE retailer has joined the rest of the top 10, as well as the majority of our industry, in selling products at retail without the aid of commissioned sales people. As non-commissioned selling becomes standard industry practice, the specialty dealer's emphasis on knowledgeable sales help — usually commissioned — has become an increasingly important point of differentiation. Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Sears and other giant retailers have publicly announced their desire to sell the higher-end products and services that

The Coming Crush
February 1, 2003

Will Giants Take Your Business? By Ron Goldberg AVI Electronics, a small, New Jersey-based C-tailer specializing in custom installation for home and auto, had it nice for a while. Situated on a busy highway with enviable visibility, the single-store operation had the good fortune of not only serving a relatively affluent suburban market, but also of being nestled among a row of car dealerships, virtually guaranteeing a steady flow of mobile installation business. When the store began operations in 1992, the closest CE chain was miles away, CEDIA was a toddler and the custom-install market rarely extended past commercial work, or the occasional bigwig's