Sony’s Fall Video, Audio Intros Center on 4K, Hi-Res Audio
September 4, 2013

Sony is leading its marketing charge into the fall selling season with numerous video and audio introductions that adhere to the “play, watch, listen, create” themes which president and COO Phil Molyneux said define the company’s product ecosystem.

DLNA Prepares for Takeoff
September 1, 2005

Is this emerging common architecture the future of home A/V networks, or just another false start? By Cliff Roth AN INTRODUCTION TO DLNA While the promise of home entertainment networked devices that "talk" to each other has been long touted, and has achieved some success in same-brand systems utilizing proprietary standards, DLNA is different in several significant ways. First, DLNA spans numerous brands, including practically every major consumer electronics company—Sony, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Mitsubishi and more. Second, DLNA isn't tied to any particular connector. Where previous home A/V networks required interconnecting components using a special proprietary connection, DLNA is technology that can be incorporated

Media Center Friend or Foe?
August 1, 2005

Are C-tailers and Microsoft's platform hitting it off, or does the relationship need more time to flower? By Nancy Klosek These days, practicality must often eclipse passion when it comes to the decision-making of specialty/custom entrepreneurs. Though their involvement in the A/V business may be rooted in love for music, it is money, stability and continuity that have, of necessity, become the drivers. Such are the reasons behind C-tailers' budding relationship with the Windows XP Media Center platform, which parent Microsoft and its licensees have begun promoting among specialty installers and retailers. The Media Center initiative has been afforded the hard sell in

Beyond TiVo
July 1, 2004

DVRs Go Mainstream By Cliff Roth TiVo deserves mucho credit for popularizing the concept of digital disk-drive video recording, and giving it a friendly face and name that has become almost as synonymous with what it represents as Kleenex was to tissues and Xerox was to photocopies in a bygone era. But TiVo has never been the only game in town, and these days name recognition alone isn't going to cut it in an increasingly crowded market. Personal video recorders, or PVRs—also known as hard disk recorders (HDRs) and digital video recorders (DVRs)—are becoming an integral part of home entertainment systems everywhere. It's a