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The 2004 C-Business 50
April 1, 2004

Today's evolving C-Business landscape is like a Rohrschach test, in that the patterns look different to everyone that takes a peek. But in spite of—or perhaps as a result of—the explosive changes taking place in technology and business practices, the sector remains rich with possibility and continues to grow exponentially. Sometimes that success is driven by companies and individuals whose work is often overlooked in the larger scope of events. Other times, the success is the work of highly visible forces, who bring forth visionary ideas that rock the industry. All of which brings us to this year's C-Business 50. Each year, Custom Retailer

Origin of the Species
October 1, 2002

The Evolution of the Modern C-tailer By Jessica Millward> Meet John Q. Public. John loves the idea of a custom-installed home theater in his den. He's also interested in connecting his household PCs into a single networked system. If he was aware of the options, he'd also be a prime candidate for automated lighting and a security system for his home. In shopping for these technologies, John will want to personally experience a broad selection of components and configurations, and will require well-informed advice from an experienced specialist. Being the quintessential one-stop shopper, he'd like all this, and maybe a pair of headphones,