February 20, 2014

SIM2 has announced the arrival of the new SUPERLUMIS Pro, a 3D active, 3-chip DLP projector. The product is described by the company as a 3D-active, 3-chip DLP projector for professional-quality cinema performance.

SIM2 Debuts SIRIO 2014 Projector
February 12, 2014

SIM2 USA this week announced the arrival of the new SIRIO 2014 projector, a 3D, single-chip DLP model, meant for large entertainment systems.

SIM2 Finishes World Tour
October 16, 2013

SIM2 said this week that it recently completed its world tour, touching five continents, as it launched its SUPER LUMIS home cinema projector.

SIM2 Debuts Crystal Cube Projector in New York
September 6, 2013

SIM2, at the New York City stop on its international road show this week, introduced its new Crystal Cube Home Cinema projector. The new projector will ship in October.

Vutec Names Marketing Manager
August 27, 2013

Vutec said this week that it has named Vanessa Sayen as marketing manager. Sayen, formerly known as Vanessa Perez, had previously worked for SIM2 USA, Stewart Filmscreen and Media Décor.

SIM2 Picks Los Angeles For SUPERLUMIS Launch
August 20, 2013

SIM2 said that later this week, it will hold the worldwide launch of the new SUPERLUMIS projector in Los Angeles, on the latest stop of its 2013 SIM2 World Road Show.

Projectors & Screens: Our Dynamic Duo
August 1, 2013

The continual decrease in pricing for large-screen flat-panel TVs has made big-screen viewing more common than ever. But there is still no more appealing and
immersive audio/video entertainment experience than the one-two punch provided by projectors and screens.