D&M Holdings Addressing All CE Segments
September 1, 2005

D&M Holdings, parent of D&M Holdings US, has built a portfolio of brands through a unique mix of private equity and public shareholder funding. Ripplewood Holdings LLC, the New York-based private equity investment firm founded by Timothy Collins, created D&M Holdings in May 2002 by acquiring and merging the operations of Denon and Marantz. In March, Ripplewood transferred its 51-percent ownership of D&M Holdings to RHJ International, a Belgium-based holding company it created. D&M acquired the McIntosh Laboratory, ReplayTV and Escient brands in 2003. That's not all D&M's acquired in recent years. Its executive ranks include Merle Gilmore (formerly of Motorola) as chairman

Vendor View If You Build It
October 1, 2003

How D&M played the acquisition game to build a company By David Dritsas For D&M Holdings, the past two years have been a busy time. About a year ago, the company was formed by the Japanese manufacturers Denon and Marantz, out of which comes the D&M moniker. The move helped to secure the financial positions of both companies, but the bar for the overall "vision" was set much higher, as D&M made further acquisitions a top priority in its business strategy. Today, in addition to Denon and Marantz, the company owns McIntosh, ReplayTV, Rio and Escient. Now, with its diversity of brands, it