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ProSource Eyes Record Attendance for Summit
February 20, 2015

ProSource is expecting a record amount of attendees for its upcoming ProSource Summit in Orlando. The event is scheduled for March 1-4 at the Orlando World Center Marriott.

Business Chops Tip #146: Are You Planning to Succeed?
July 2, 2014


Custom retail business owners are under stress today.  Yoga or workouts may help you manage the situation, but they don¹t address the realities of a tough market. What then? Dust off your business plan. Planning is your best management tool. 

Business Chops Tip #142: How Well Do You Demonstrate Systems?
June 4, 2014

An industry truism says, "The demo makes the sale." That¹s easier said than done in an integrated systems context. Dealers integrate multiple sub-systems (e.g. audio vs. video), components, and brands. Whether residential or commercial, it¹s the whole-building systems that are the trickiest to demo.

Business Chops Tip #143: How Keen Are Your Sales Listening Skills?
June 4, 2014

Our industry banters terms like "best quality" and "high fidelity"routinely.  "Systems integration" rolls off the tongues of most of us.  Yet their meaning is in the ear of the beholder.  More than a theoretical issue, the downside risks of making semantic assumptions come alive in sales milieus.  Customers and salespeople may believe they are speaking the same language when actually they're using the same terms to mean totally different things. What's the antidote to this disconnect? Listening.

Business Chops Tip #141: Are You Ready To "Value-Engineer" a Project?
May 28, 2014

Sometimes the best sales people get hit with last minute curveballs from their customers.  How often has it happened that you are about to close on a carefully designed system, and the customer tells you their budget has decreased dramatically? Re-specifying what will be a very different system from the original requires expertise and process time.