Panamax Furman

Power Wash
July 1, 2005

Power management components for home theaters are becoming key weapons in C-tailers' arsenals By Philip Ryan Power management is nothing new, both for the industry and for many everyday people. Most consumers are very familiar with the inadequacies of the power flowing from their wall outlets. Many have some device—a surge suppressor or, increasingly, an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)—between the wall and their home computers. Through their favorable experiences with protecting PC equipment, consumers are starting to realize they need the same level of protection for their home theaters. Not surprisingly, numerous vendors are responding to this growing demand. Some, like Panamax and PS

Feed Your Head
July 1, 2005

Dealer education and strategic goal-setting take on a cosmic bent at SpeakerCraft By Janet Pinkerton The dormouse in Alice in Wonderland never said it—no matter what Grace Slick sang—but "feed your head" might as well be a SpeakerCraft maxim. No, SpeakerCraft isn't endorsing hallucinogens. Rather, the loudspeaker manufacturer is attending to its dealers' mental focus and drive as individuals, and their goals and strategies as companies. "Our whole spin on the world is that everybody has to be imparting knowledge to somebody, or else the world stays the same," says SpeakerCraft President Jeremy Burkhardt. SpeakerCraft's annual dealer meeting, the Global Intellectual Gathering (GIG), is

The 2003 Excite Awards
August 1, 2003

Congratulations to the 2003 Excite Award Winners: AUDIO Audio Disc Player Denon DVD-9000 Krell SACD Standard Audio Server Marantz Opus AudioReQuest Tera Multichannel Processor Meridian 861 Lexicon MC-8 Multichannel Amplifier Elan D1200 Integra RDA-7 Multichannel Receiver Pioneer VSX-49txi Marantz 9300 Multi-Zone Controller Xantech MRC88 Russound CAV6.6 Multi-Zone Receiver B&K CT-610 Niles ZR-8630AV Floorstanding Speakers Tannoy Sensys DC-2 Legacy Whisper Bookshelf Speakers KEF Model 201 Paradigm Monitor 5 Mini Speakers Totem Dreamcatcher Pinnacle Quantum Subwoofer Velodyne CHT-10 SpeakerCraft BassX W-10 In-Wall Speaker Paradigm SA-35 Meridian DSP420 On-Wall Speaker Mirage OMNISAT Jamo A210PDD In-Ceiling Speaker Sonance Elipse 2.0 LCR Parasound C-70 Outdoor Speaker Boston Acoustics

Power to the People
December 1, 2002

AC Treatments are a Smart Sell By Mark Fleischmann The most colorful come-on for the latest in power-line accessories comes from Richard Gray's Power Company: "Have you ever been in the shower when a so-called 'loved one' flushes the toilet resulting in a few seconds of scalding hot water pouring from the showerhead?" Ouch. A correctly installed home theater or networked audio system should do no harm to any part of the anatomy. But power-related problems — not all that different from Gray's water-based scenario — can still plague your customers' AV systems with uneven performance and disappointment. A new crop of