Central Vacuum Systems
August 1, 2008

BROAN-NUTONE LLC Tom Heidel, Marketing Manager, Central Vacuum Systems PRESENTATION ADVICE: Central vacuum dealers need to realize that everyone else has finally caught up with what they already know—that central vacuum systems provide significant improvement in a home’s air quality. In the past year, the two largest and most prominent ‘green’ building programs have recognized central vacuums as being important to indoor air quality and ‘green’ building. The NAHB’s Green Building guidelines and the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED program both allow credits for the installation of a central vacuum system in a ‘green’ home. There are not many ‘green’ building items that provide

Central Vacuum: Why You Should Sell It, and How
August 1, 2007

Manufacturers of central vacuum systems have been engaging the custom electronics installation market for several years now, to varying degrees of success. Perhaps now, their time has come, as numerous trends are working in their favor. For one, their products, which they claim can remove indoor pollutants, play into the touchy-feely “green living” trend. Secondly, builders increasingly are looking to differentiate their homes in the midst of a softening housing market. And finally, the days of big profits on flat panels are gone for the custom installation market, and the hunt is on for products that can deliver high margin. Still, there are challenges

EXC!TE Awards: Control
October 10, 2006

Home Automation System: Crestron While upstart competitors aim for the venerable category leader’s downmarket underbelly, Crestron’s awesome array of technologies, products and systems still represents the state of the art in home automation. Control4 Fresh off a nationwide deal with Tweeter, Control4 continues to pose the question: “Why can’t home automation be for everyone?” A growing number of C-businesses are eager to answer in the affirmative. Exceptional Innovation Lifeware With Lifeware, EI embraces both Windows Media Center and a number of best-of-breed third-party products. The question over the next year: Will C-businesses embrace EI and its buzzworthy platform? Media Server: Niveus

Linear LLS Gathering Brand Momentum
September 1, 2005

Linear LLC's consumer technology brand acquisitions started quietly in 1999, with Xantech and Multiplex Technologies. Then they gathered steam in 2003 with the addition of SpeakerCraft, Elan Home Systems and gate/door control manufacturer Operator Specialty Company (OSCO), followed by the purchases of OmniMount and M&S Systems in 2004. This year, Linear's acquisition of Panamax in April and Niles Audio Corporation in July got everyone's attention. Linear, as a brand portfolio, is gathering market clout. Its parent company is Nortek Inc., a Providence, R.I.-based manufacturer/distributor of residential, light commercial and commercial building products. Formerly a public company, Nortek is now privately-held—through Nortek Holdings, by management