NAD Debuts Pair of Multi-Channel Amplifiers
February 17, 2015

NAD has announced the arrival of a pair of new multi-channel amplifiers. The two products are the four-channel CI 940 ($799) and eight-channel CI 980 ($1299,) and both are available immediately. The CI 980, the company said, "utilizes the latest high efficiency switching amplifier technology," while the CI 940 uses NAD's established Class AB amplifier…

NAD, Bluesound Add Rhapsody
December 12, 2014

Lenbrook's NAD and Bluesound brands will now have access to Rhapsody through the products, the company announced earlier this week. 

Getting to Know Bluesound
September 5, 2014

Technology Integrator: What exactly is Bluesound and who is behind the brand?
John Banks: Baluesound is an all-new brand of wireless, high resolution digital audio systems, designed and engineered for music lovers. Bluesound’s sole mission is to create new and innovative wireless audio products and technologies that allow for the most true-to-live performance reproduction possible.

Barrett's to Unveil Design Center
February 13, 2014

Barrett's, the Chicago area custom technology company, will host an unveiling of its new design center next Wednesday. 

Dean Miller, CEO Lenbrook America
August 1, 2013

Technology Integrator: You’ve been with Lenbrook America now for two years. What changes have transpired, and how are things going?