Monster Cable

Power Wash
July 1, 2005

Power management components for home theaters are becoming key weapons in C-tailers' arsenals By Philip Ryan Power management is nothing new, both for the industry and for many everyday people. Most consumers are very familiar with the inadequacies of the power flowing from their wall outlets. Many have some device—a surge suppressor or, increasingly, an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)—between the wall and their home computers. Through their favorable experiences with protecting PC equipment, consumers are starting to realize they need the same level of protection for their home theaters. Not surprisingly, numerous vendors are responding to this growing demand. Some, like Panamax and PS

Art Imitates Lifestyle
June 1, 2005

The journey from the racks-and-stacks of the traditional CE retail showfloor to the deliberately designed lifestyle rooms and vignettes of the 21st-century C-tailer is one of mind as much as it is of matter. By Nancy Klosek Strategizing a showroom space these days requires tactical skills on par with those of the best generals in any major conflict. The challenges in the battlefield have been amplified lately by the influences of that landless-but-growing territory known as cyberspace. It's hard enough in 2005 to draw foot traffic into brick-and-mortar stores. But once clients are within the boundaries of your "theater of war," coming up

Invisible Tech The Art of What You Don't See
March 1, 2005

Technology and lifestyle go hand in hand. When home theaters first appeared consumers built dedicated spaces around them — rooms in which they could maximize their large investment by controlling the environment. They still do, of course. But the mainstreaming of custom installed home theater has mae other trends necessary. Rather than building the room around the technology, the A/V industry has to make the technology work within clients' existing environments. In this view, a sophisticated-looking room is not necessarily exempt from sophisticated technology, especially if you have the right accessories and equipment to help hide that technology, and therefore meet

The 600-Pound Gorilla
July 1, 2004

Can Furniture Be Monsterized? By Marshall Lager Monster Cable is arguably the most compelling success story of the CE industry. Few companies, regardless of size, goods or approach, have been able to satisfy dealers and consumers the way Monster has for 30 years. As a result of the company's ambitious dealer programs, canny marketing strategies and extensive product mix (not to mention margins), Monster has developed an intensely loyal dealer base at all levels of the industry, from mass to specialty. Possibly more than anyone else in the industry, Monster makes money for its dealers. Naturally, this earns the company a lot of love.

The 2003 Excite Awards
August 1, 2003

Congratulations to the 2003 Excite Award Winners: AUDIO Audio Disc Player Denon DVD-9000 Krell SACD Standard Audio Server Marantz Opus AudioReQuest Tera Multichannel Processor Meridian 861 Lexicon MC-8 Multichannel Amplifier Elan D1200 Integra RDA-7 Multichannel Receiver Pioneer VSX-49txi Marantz 9300 Multi-Zone Controller Xantech MRC88 Russound CAV6.6 Multi-Zone Receiver B&K CT-610 Niles ZR-8630AV Floorstanding Speakers Tannoy Sensys DC-2 Legacy Whisper Bookshelf Speakers KEF Model 201 Paradigm Monitor 5 Mini Speakers Totem Dreamcatcher Pinnacle Quantum Subwoofer Velodyne CHT-10 SpeakerCraft BassX W-10 In-Wall Speaker Paradigm SA-35 Meridian DSP420 On-Wall Speaker Mirage OMNISAT Jamo A210PDD In-Ceiling Speaker Sonance Elipse 2.0 LCR Parasound C-70 Outdoor Speaker Boston Acoustics

Personnel Best
June 1, 2003

The Sales Staff as Marketing Tool By Lew Brown With the recent move by Circuit City to eliminate commissioned sales people, the third largest CE retailer has joined the rest of the top 10, as well as the majority of our industry, in selling products at retail without the aid of commissioned sales people. As non-commissioned selling becomes standard industry practice, the specialty dealer's emphasis on knowledgeable sales help — usually commissioned — has become an increasingly important point of differentiation. Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Sears and other giant retailers have publicly announced their desire to sell the higher-end products and services that

Mobile Networking A Potential Windfall for the Custom Retailer
April 1, 2003

By Brett Solomon The mobile electronics landscape has brought us such innovations as navigation, mobile video, satellite radio and vehicle tracking. But one area seemingly lacking in the vehicular environment is mobile networking. After all, if we can install a network in our house, why not install one in the car? Why not have all of the electronics in a vehicle communicate with one another, to make life easier for the end-user, and send the "cool" factor skyrocketing? Telematics has been the industry buzzword for the past few years; it describes the ability to send information to (and from) the vehicle. However, mobile networking

Hooked Up - Upgraded Cable
December 1, 2002

Increased Profits in the Pipes: Selling and Installing Upgraded Cable Can Enhance Your Bottom Line By Joe Paone A solid, profitable custom installation isn't just about getting the right margins on the electronics. In many cases, the connectivity infrastructure can actually be the critical issue toward the bottom line. From a C-tailer's standpoint, selling upgraded cable can not only improve the performance of the components that you install and your customer uses, it can also be a great margin bolster. Unlike A/V components, which some customers can be rather finicky about, cabling is not a comparatively hard sell. Most clients are more inclined