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Cyberlink Moves to Subscription Model with PowerDVD Live
October 22, 2013

Cyberlink’s PowerDVD package has been a favorite among home theater PC enthusiasts for well over a decade now, but it’s expensive. At about $100 for the top end package, it now costs more than a consumer Blu-ray player, and that’s before you factor in the cost of the PC Blu-ray drive. Enhanced functionality like advanced codec support, playback speed control (handy for playing PAL discs), and integration with packages like Windows Media Center have kept HTPC enthusiasts in the PowerDVD camp despite the high price,

A Tip for Home Theater System Users
January 12, 2012

One item I’ve been struggling over with my Plex-based Media Center is how to control Mac mini functions from the comfort of my comfy chair (1). I tried an $89.99 Adesso Bluetooth keyboard sold by my local CompUSA that had decent-sized keys and a trackpad.

Tranquil MMC-12 Media Center Announced
December 27, 2011

Tranquil PC has shown off photos of a forthcoming new design for its media center systems, and it's incredibly thin. The MMC-12 is set for release soon, and is around the same size as a slimline DVD or Blu-Ray player at less than 1.5 inches tall.

Make Your HDTV Web-Ready
June 28, 2011

By now, you're used to watching all kinds of video via the Web. You get caught up on your favorite TV shows with Hulu, enjoy a movie or two with Netflix Instant Watch, maybe even sneak in a cat video or two (or a dozen) on YouTube during your lunch break at work. You're used to searching the Web to find what you want to watch when you want to watch it. The moment you're home, though, you turn on your TV, tune in, and zone out--no interaction or Internet required. Nothing on? Guess you'll watch some Law &

PowerDVD 11 Coming Soon, Includes Smartphone Remote
April 20, 2011

In several videos, since made private on the official Cyberlink Youtube channel, Cyberlink has demonstrated some of the new capabilities of PowerDVD 11.

A new remote control application, confirmed for Android and presumably coming to iOS as well, will let you control every aspect of playback right from your tablet or smartphone, or even use a touchpad area to control your cursor like a standard mouse. Other features coming to PowerDVD 11 include 3D simulation on 2D movies, improvements in Blu-ray playback and compatibility, and supposedly tighter integration with Windows Media Center

New Blu-ray Changer From S1Digital
February 12, 2010

S1Digital this week announced the release of the S1Digital Blu-ray Disc changer, which can hold up to 100 discs and integrate with any S1Digiral Entertainment Server or Media Center.

Microsoft Announces Latest Ultimate Install Contest
March 16, 2009

Microsoft, along with the Media Center Integrator Alliance, has announced the launch of the 2009 Windows Media Center Ultimate Install Contest. The contest, being held for the third time, was announced at the EHX Expo in Orlando last week.

Passion Breeds Invention
March 1, 2009

Not every innovation in the custom electronics industry comes from major corporations with deep pockets. VidaBox LLC, a manufacturer of digital entertainment and control solutions, was founded by two degreed engineers. Using their technical knowledge and design capabilities, the team of Steven Cheung and Sergio DeAlbuquerque, now president and vice president of VidaBox, have created innovative media center and control solutions for the custom integration market.