IBM Corporation

Crestron Sets Masters Event
April 21, 2015

Crestron announced that its 12th annual Crestron Masters event is set to take place this week. The three-day program is expected to include more than 500 industry professionals, at the Dolce Palisades IBM Conference Center, outside of New York City. 

This Internet Of Things Hardware Kit May Be A Maker's Best Friend
February 27, 2015

Two leading technology companies have joined forces to concoct a speedier way of building Internet of Things prototype or test devices. Chip designer ARM and IT giant IBM devised a kit for testing out connected gadgets that lets hardware developers get started in just five minutes.

Microsoft Outlook Exchange— 3 Essentials for your Business
September 5, 2014

The way we do business is constantly changing. Not too many years ago I would have typed this column on an IBM typewriter and mailed it to the editor in a stamped envelope. Do you remember those days? How about the Rolodex index card system on your desk that managed your most important business contacts? Do you still have a paper calendar or DayTimer on your desk?

Glikes: Get Out and Collaborate
July 23, 2014

Azione Unlimited founder Richard Glikes wrote this for the buying group's email newsletter. It is republished here with permission.

Networked Solutions: The Sum Total
December 1, 2013

Q: Networking has quickly become a must-have in the service offering of integrators. But when we talk about home networks, many people focus on Wi-Fi. Is reliable Wi-Fi the key to a robust home network?

Why Windows 8 Bombed, and Why I Bought One Anyway
September 1, 2013

I bought my first PC In 1987. It was an IBM clone, and I installed Windows version 2 on something new called a hard drive. I unplugged my old typewriter and began doing all my work in the new word processor program. I began learning spreadsheets, and was thrilled that I could create brochures with the new desktop publishing software without having to drive to a typesetter. That first PC changed my office workflow forever. I still depend on the same core programs in Microsoft Office to get things done today.

SED International Names New CEO
October 15, 2012

SED International announced Friday that it has named Robert G. (Bob) O’Malley as its new president and CEO. A veteran of IBM, O'Malley will replace Jonathan Elster.