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Introducing The 2012 Young Turks of CE
January 5, 2012

Blazing trails in all faces of our industry's businesses, these rising professionals share the passion, drive and distinction of Young Turk. Enjoy learning more about them here, in no particular order

A New Approach To Sales
December 1, 2011

In the last issue of CustomRetailer, I wrote about the amazing opportunities available in the new and expanding aging-in-place market. I covered several areas of growth that illustrated why you should consider adding home health tech to your business portfolio. It had a very positive, go-get-em attitude. By contrast, this issue's column is a bit…

It's Your Move...
November 7, 2011

On a daily basis we analyze the correct, "next move." Life is not unlike a chess game, where we are all trying to stay one step ahead. Whether it is with our competition, career strategies or managing money. I'm sure there is not one of us who isn't trying to out-guess or maneuver on a regular basis.

The Digital Home Health Boom
November 1, 2011

As marketing manager for Home Controls, I have been helping custom electronics professionals promote their automation, networking and security businesses. I talk about branding, web presence, marketing materials, social media, networking, training and referrals.

Luxury Branding—Revisited
November 1, 2011

From what we are hearing, what we know as the "luxury market" is back. Pent-up desire and the money to buy are what seem to be driving installations in our channel that had been put on hold due to the scary news about the economy. I am not qualified to speak to the global financial crisis, but it's the emotional side of the equation that interests me.