Good Guys

Hal Truax Joins Wyrestorm
June 10, 2015

Wyrestorm announced that longtime industry figure Hal Truax is its new Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

The 2013 Young Turks of CE, Part 1
January 18, 2013

Blazing trails in all facets of our industry's businesses, these rising professionals share the passion, drive and distinction of Young Turks. Enjoy learning more about them all this week, in no particular order.

Crestron Names Childs Regional Sales Manager
February 6, 2012

Crestron said this week that it has named Craig Childs, formerly of Dana Innovations, its new Residential Regional Sales Manager. Chils will cover the Southern California and Hawaii markets, based in Cypress, Calif.

The 2011 Young Turks of CE
January 3, 2011

CustomRetailer salutes the passionate individuals behind our industry’s brightest operations. Get acquainted with our Young Turks of CE, listed in no particular order

PPC Names New Managers
January 27, 2010

PPC Tuesday announced a pair of new regional sales managers for its Perfect Path line of connectors and cables.

Cash, Carry and Custom Audacity
December 29, 2008

Here was the plan: Open up “discount superstores” adjacent to major CE retailers; make TV’s the #1 attraction; offer the absolute lowest prices anywhere; and rapidly expand, opening up new stores every two months.

The 600-Pound Gorilla
July 1, 2004

Can Furniture Be Monsterized? By Marshall Lager Monster Cable is arguably the most compelling success story of the CE industry. Few companies, regardless of size, goods or approach, have been able to satisfy dealers and consumers the way Monster has for 30 years. As a result of the company's ambitious dealer programs, canny marketing strategies and extensive product mix (not to mention margins), Monster has developed an intensely loyal dealer base at all levels of the industry, from mass to specialty. Possibly more than anyone else in the industry, Monster makes money for its dealers. Naturally, this earns the company a lot of love.

TiVos and Flat Panels, Oh My!
March 1, 2004

Established OEM Humax to offer branded product in U.S. By Joe Paone At this year's CES, we got sore feet wandering through booth after booth of unfamiliar Korean and Chinese companies looking to carve their own piece of the American video market pie. Many of them, and many similar vendors already plying their wares through big-box retail and the Internet, are aiming for the low-end, if you can consider an LCD television priced in four digits a "bargain" for the average American consumer. Korean manufacturer Humax, which had its own U.S. coming-out party at CES, isn't playing that game. Its upcoming line of flat-panel

Long Live Plasmas?
June 1, 2003

Telling Customers About Plasma's Darker Side By Joe Paone Techies, and most salespeople, know all about the inner workings and potential pratfalls of plasma display technology. But lots of customers don't. That creates an ethical, not to mention bottom-line, dilemma for C-tailers. Should they be proactive and upfront with customers about issues such as burn-in, burn-out and general plasma life expectancy, or should they wait for the customer to ask about such issues? Do they know or care that once something in a plasma goes irreparably bad, the whole set might have to go? And are plasmas really any more of a risky