Final Sound

Final Sound Solutions’ 300i HD Panels
April 3, 2007

Final Sound Solutions’ 300i HD Panels ($1,799 SRP for a stereo pair) are a new addition to the company’s line of existing 90i, 150i, 400i, 600i and 1000i speakers. Frequency response is 95-22kHz +/- 3DB, and sensitivity is 86 dB. The 300i requires an amplifier of 50 watts minimum and weighs less than 18 pounds. The basic panels are available in satin silver with black finish, but can be customized in a variety of colors. The panels come with a standard floor stand; wall mount is optional. Final Sound’s patented inverter technology completely eliminates the crossover distortion common to traditional cone speakers, says the

EXC!TE Awards: Audio
October 10, 2006

Floorstanding Speaker: Paradigm Reference Millenia 200 This ultra-slim left-right speaker looks great next to a flat panel, and provides superior sound quality. Definitive Mythos One This thin, attractive front main speaker looks and sounds great with a large plasma or LCD. Final Sound Reference 600i This speaker features Final’s electrostatic technology, which eschews paper cones and magnetic drivers, instead moving air via an ultra-thin layer of Mylar held between two charged, perforated metal plates. It’s definitely worth an evaluation. Bookshelf Speaker: Boston Acoustics E60 A good-looking, great-sounding speaker from a trusted, recognized name in audio. Energy Reference Connoisseur RC-Mini With

CEDIAEXPO 2006in Review
May 16, 2006

CEDIA confirmed record attendance numbers for CEDIA EXPO 2006. It said more than 28,000 people attended, roughly an eight percent increase over EXPO 2005, making EXPO 2006, in CEDIA’s words, “the largest and most successful trade show in the organization’s 17-year history.” The show also set a record for its number of exhibitors, said CEDIA, with “more than 600” on hand, which was “about 100 more exhibitors than EXPO 2005.” CEDIA also reported that participation in CEDIA University courses was “at its highest level,” attributing the interest to new core curriculums for the Electronic Systems Technician (EST) and Electronic Systems Designer (ESD) colleges, “as

Final Electrostatic Loudspeakers
October 3, 2003

By Ron Goldberg While in-wall and on-wall speaker solutions for custom applications have undoubtedly come a long way, audiophiles have often regretted the lack of choices to which they've grown accustomed in free-standing technologies. For many customers, the characteristic "sound" of dipolar, bipolar or electrostatic speakers are the A/V system's selling point, all of which are difficult or impossible to pull off in a wall-mounted application. Final Sound is a Dutch company that has developed a modular line of electrostatic panels designed for on-wall home theater applications. The goal is to bring the unique sonic and aesthetic benefits of this technology into a room-friendly