Tesla Energy is Elon Musk's battery system that can power homes, businesses, and the world
May 1, 2015

Tesla has finally taken the wraps off Tesla Energy, its ambitious battery system that can work for homes, businesses, and even utilities. The system breaks down into two separate products: the Powerwall is a home battery system, that comes in a 10 kWh version for $3,500, or a 7 kWh model for $3,000. The unit is about three feet by four feet in size and six inches thick, and comes with integrated heat management and  can fit either on the inside or outside of the wall of your home.

RoseWater Energy Plans Webinar
March 24, 2015

RoseWater, which recently re-engineered its RoseWater Energy Hub, will host a webinar this week. The event is scheduled for 1 p.m. Eastern on Wednesday, lasting for one hour. According to the description:

Nest Thermostat Improves Energy Efficiency, Adds Features
November 5, 2014

The Nest Learning Thermostat’s trademark feature—its ability to dial things up or down depending on whether you’re at home or not—is getting tweaked for increased efficiency. Nest is rolling out a software update this week that it says will improve auto-schedule, and reduce a user’s utility bills.

What's on Your Mind?
November 1, 2014

What's it REALLY like "at work" every day? We asked Dennis Hickman of the SOHO Sho

Distributors Speak Out
August 4, 2014

What are your top five brands and/or product categories, and why are they more accessible to dealers/integrators through distribution?

How to Shine a New Light on Profits
July 17, 2014

Our industry prides itself on being able to combine leading-edge technologies with a client’s wish list for the dream home, and often that challenge forces integrators to think beyond the typical flat panel display/multi-room audio/home automation installation.