Industry Remembers Reese Haggott
November 8, 2010

Reese Haggott, a longtime CE and 12 volt industry executive, passed away Oct. 29 after a battle with pancreatic cancer. Haggott spent time at Pioneer, Alpine, Blaupunkt, Eclipse and other companies.

The 2003 Excite Awards
August 1, 2003

Congratulations to the 2003 Excite Award Winners: AUDIO Audio Disc Player Denon DVD-9000 Krell SACD Standard Audio Server Marantz Opus AudioReQuest Tera Multichannel Processor Meridian 861 Lexicon MC-8 Multichannel Amplifier Elan D1200 Integra RDA-7 Multichannel Receiver Pioneer VSX-49txi Marantz 9300 Multi-Zone Controller Xantech MRC88 Russound CAV6.6 Multi-Zone Receiver B&K CT-610 Niles ZR-8630AV Floorstanding Speakers Tannoy Sensys DC-2 Legacy Whisper Bookshelf Speakers KEF Model 201 Paradigm Monitor 5 Mini Speakers Totem Dreamcatcher Pinnacle Quantum Subwoofer Velodyne CHT-10 SpeakerCraft BassX W-10 In-Wall Speaker Paradigm SA-35 Meridian DSP420 On-Wall Speaker Mirage OMNISAT Jamo A210PDD In-Ceiling Speaker Sonance Elipse 2.0 LCR Parasound C-70 Outdoor Speaker Boston Acoustics

Making It Work at the Wheel
June 1, 2003

By Brett Solomon One growing trend among luxury and even everyday vehicles is steering wheel-mounted remotes that control the mobile audio system. Wheel-mounted remotes have proven to be not only a convenience feature, but a safety feature as well, as they tend to reduce the time drivers take their eyes off the road to search for a volume knob. But there is one big problem with steering wheel remote controls as they occupy the market today — they do not integrate with aftermarket car audio head units. There is a specialized section of the aftermarket where companies are dealing with the problem head-on.

MP3 On Wheels
December 1, 2002

Audio Compression Goes Mobile By Brett Solomon Specialty mobile electronics retailers often have customers that are technologically savvy in other areas. One of the best ways to service these early adopters is to offer them mobile source units that are as up-to-date as the audio equipment they have at home. Even though Napster is deader than last year's hit single, and other file "sharing" services are under increasing pressure from the entertainment industries, the MP3 compressed audio format is alive and well — very well. Moving MP3 into the mobile sphere not only makes sense, but cars may actually be the perfect venue for

Means of Access
October 1, 2002

Today's Cars are Waiting for the Bus By Collin Keefe As with time and space, technology and innovation are constants. Regardless of the sector or context, someone somewhere is always developing something to surpass the limitations of a predecessor. This is certainly the case in the current state of mobile electronics. The rate at which new automotive consumer electronics have emerged and been adopted in recent years—everything from navigational systems to satellite radio—has been truly inspiring, and in keeping with the rapid pace of other CE evolutions. Unfortunately, over in the automobile manufacturers' world, time moves much more slowly. As a result,