PC vs. CE?
November 1, 2004

Last month, Microsoft made its largest push yet to gain a foothold in the living rooms and entertainment centers of America with its announcement of Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005, along with complimentary products and services from third parties such as Dell, HP, Gateway, Toshiba's Digital Products Division, D-Link, Linksys and Netgear. The press, the analysts and the hardcore geeks went into their predictable tizzies—and granted, the sight of Bill Gates lounging with Queen Latifah at the press conference was truly mind-bending. But mainstream America, distracted by presidential politics, baseball playoffs, everyday life and its iPods, barely shrugged. However, the products that emerge

Site Specific
August 1, 2003

Making The Web Work For Your C-Business By Ron Goldberg Ask any 10 custom professionals if their company has a Web site, and odds are that you'll get 10 affirmatives. Now ask the same 10 what the purpose of their company's site is, and you might get 10 different answers. Nearly a decade since the commercialization of the World Wide Web changed the planet forever, many C-businesses are still struggling to understand how to use the medium to their best advantage. Custom is an industry based on the sale of technology, convenience and service. When properly deployed, the online environment can

The Flat Speaker Solution
April 1, 2003

Is the NXT Big Thing Finally Here? By Mark Fleischmann There isn't much of a family resemblance between flat-panel video displays and a bunch of boxy speaker enclosures. But while flat TVs have increased in-wall speakers' popularity, many customers with an audiophile bent still balk at in-walls as a solution. Consumers look at the juxtaposition of new video technologies and old-fashioned speakers and ask: Why can't a surround system be as elegant and space-saving as a plasma display panel or an LCD TV? For almost seven years, NXT, an outgrowth of Mission, the British loudspeaker maker, has been promising an answer. For those not