Gear Guide
June 1, 2003

SONANCE'S FIRST SOURCE COMPONENT Sonance has introduced the Concierge, a dual-drive, 160-GB music server that can store 2,500 hours of audio and play different selections simultaneously in up to four zones, with the option of expanding to a total of seven. The Concierge offers comprehensive media-management features, including on-screen menus and access to online services, while providing everyday users with simple, one-button operation from any listening area. The Concierge comes with three independent analog and one Toslink digital output. When combined with the company's new Networked Audio Modules (NAM), which fit in the back of Sonance SAT amplifiers, the unit can be expanded to

What Keeps You Awake at Night?
February 1, 2003

Nobody ever said custom was an easy business, at least nobody who's ever actually run one. First, consider the challenges that are specific to the trade: fast changing technologies, a faster-changing distribution and retailing environment and extensive learning curves for both personnel and potential customers. Now add to that the challenges that every small business faces: how to manage cash flow, workforce and schedules; how to fend off competition and promote your company; whether to add staff or outsource; how to create strategic alliances; how to survive uncertain economic times. The custom business is a deft blend of traditional and next-generation challenges that would

December Gear Guide
December 1, 2002

Pet-Friendly Motion Detectors by GE Interlogix GE Interlogix has announced a new advanced technology for motion detectors that helps prevent false alarms caused by pets. The AP Mirrored Optic PIR line features microprocessor-controlled "4-D" signal processing with gliding focus mirror optics. This technology analyzes size, speed, shape and an adaptive alarm threshold, providing maximum resistance to false alarms. The AP100PI ($12.95) is designed for applications in which household pets move around the protected area while the system is armed, and is immune to pets up to 44 pounds. Solid curtains of detection provide 33-foot coverage. The AP950PI ($24.95) features two sensors in one box.

Strange Tales from the Trenches
October 1, 2002

Every line of work has its share of occupational peculiarities, but the world of the custom installer can easily lay claim to more than its share. Once the power tools come out and the work begins, a secret, unseen world opens up. If it's a new construction, there may be non-stop surprises from other tradespeople and their schedules. If it's an existing construction, the infrastructure may have been assembled decades ago, or by people working well outside their trade expertise. In either situation, unforeseen problems can come from any direction, including the customer. Like combat veterans, every CE installer has

Software Spotlight - D-Tools Systems Integrator
October 1, 2002

By Ron Goldberg As anyone in the custom CE business can tell you, big problems are often traceable to small details. A single digit off in a measurement, a last-minute part substitution, an extra run of cabling not originally spec'd—all of these seemingly minor changes can often result in disproportionate problems. The solution, of course, would be an accurate flow of updated information, available to everyone that needs it. But with so many details and individuals involved over time on the typical job, it's often difficult for everyone to stay on the same page for very long. D-Tools of Concord, California, is