Buying Groups

HES Board Meets
June 12, 2006

Home Entertainment Source’s seven-member Board of Directors convened recently in Dallas to plan the future of the 455-member, $1.2 billion buying group, creating a “plan of action” through 2010. Of key concern was how to handle the diversity of the rapidly growing organization. “Although the minimum annual sales requirement for members is $1 million, we have many members exceeding the $5 million and $10 million dollar mark,” said HES Director Jim Ristow. “Members over $5 million annually have different needs than smaller members, and we’ve already addressed some of them. HES has always been an innovative buying group, and we will continue to create

Pay Now, Save Later
May 1, 2005

Negotiating better deals with vendors By Janet Pinkerton Last year, Steve Hayes, past president of CEDIA and co-owner of Custom Electronics in Falmouth, Maine, stood up in front of a group of fellow Elan Home Systems dealers and encouraged them to ask manufacturers for pricing discounts beyond standard terms if they had good histories with their vendors. Hayes' candid discussion of how and why his company successfully negotiated prompt- and pre-pay vendor discounts occurred during a dealer forum within Elan's 2004 TRIO event in Lexington, Ky. "I about jumped out of my chair," remembers Paul Starkey, Elan's executive vice president of sales and marketing.