Can Terk Strike Again with T2?
June 1, 2003

The exploding demand for custom installation and integration has brought a lot of me-too companies into the market, on the manufacturing side, as well as the installation and services side. With its pedigree of innovative industrial design and clever solutions for the consumer accessories market, Terk Technologies out of Commack, Long Island, has never been a me-too company. Its new T2 division, which is focused on high-quality signal management solutions, aims to bring the same level of product panache directly to the custom installer.T2, as both a product line and a business division, has been in a beta phase since last year's CEDIA, and

Premiere Seating
February 1, 2003

Not Just an Attachment, a Solution By Bill Johnson Home theater seating is an oft-overlooked category. Dealers have traditionally shied away from selling seating because they don't consider themselves specialists. But home theater seating is a great way for dealers to create additional revenue with every home theater sale. The dedicated home theater-seating category represented an estimated $45 million in 2002. Today, several well-respected home theater designers actually suggest beginning the design of the home theater with the seating. Unfortunately, many dealers still treat the seating portion of the sale as an afterthought, or they neglect it entirely. Call it fear of

Power to the People
December 1, 2002

AC Treatments are a Smart Sell By Mark Fleischmann The most colorful come-on for the latest in power-line accessories comes from Richard Gray's Power Company: "Have you ever been in the shower when a so-called 'loved one' flushes the toilet resulting in a few seconds of scalding hot water pouring from the showerhead?" Ouch. A correctly installed home theater or networked audio system should do no harm to any part of the anatomy. But power-related problems — not all that different from Gray's water-based scenario — can still plague your customers' AV systems with uneven performance and disappointment. A new crop of