Richard Glikes

Richard Glikes

Richard Glikes is chairman and president of buying group Azione Unlimited.

How's business?

The optimist in me is feeling like there’s a huge rock on my chest that I’m not sure where it came from, but I do know why it is there.

Glikes: Get Out and Collaborate

Azione Unlimited founder Richard Glikes wrote this for the buying group's email newsletter. It is republished here with permission.

Glikes on Merchants, Contractors, the Internet, and Margins

Disparate thoughts seeping into the hollows of my mind are lucidly propagating this page. The demise of Hi Fi House, a retailer of electronics for the last 50 plus years, harkens the thought that there are no longer merchants in CE. It was fun to compare this speaker to that one, place a TV in locations in a store that would make it more appealing than another, have sales contests on Saturdays to motivate the salespeople, and all the cool things you could do to differentiate your store from others. Merchants have been replaced by contractors.

Glikes on CEDIA

(Note: Azione Unlimited founder Richard Glikes wrote this for the group's monthly newsletter, published last week. It is republished here with permission):