Krissy Rushing

Krissy Rushing
Media Wall

Installing a multiple-display media system—not to be confused with a multimedia system—can be as complicated or as difficult as you make it, and it always helps if you know what you are doing. And Tim Rooney, owner of All Around Technology (AAT) in Rockville, Md., certainly does. He and his team designed an integrated home and multi-display media room for Washington, D.C.-area real-estate magnate Herb Miller and family that culminated in AAT winning CEDIA’s 2004 Electronic Lifestyles Award for Best Integrated Home Level V. Fast-forward three years. Miller was downsizing and moving to a smaller residence with his family. The house he

The Horse Capitalof the World

n EAT MALONE’S Step out to Malone’s, which has some of the best cuts of beef in town. Fast becoming the place for great steaks in Lexington, Malone’s has something for everyone, whether it is a filet or a prime rib. And if it’s just a night on the town you are looking for, step into Oscar’s piano and oyster bar. It’s lively and the oysters are decadent. JONATHAN AT GRATZ PARK Regional cuisine is at its finest at the award-winning Jonathan at Gratz Park. The upscale dining room and intimate bar are high on ambience and low on pretention. Try the

Unfinished Symphony

An unfinished basement hits the right notes after all is said and done, thanks to an intense collaboration between AV installer and architect. In the unfinished basement area of this remodeled mid-70s home, a room like a bomb shelter, but bigger, with 6-inch brick walls and concrete everywhere, awaited its destiny. The shape of the room was difficult and there was a lot of unfinished “stuff” hanging down from the too-low ceiling, such as wiring and exposed plumbing. With a room like this, collaboration was key. The collaboration between the installer, Robert Ridenour, president of Connected Technologies and architect, Larry Whittaker, CEP

Collaboration Mastered

WHAT SEPARATES THE MEN FROM THE BOYS in the world of custom audio-video installation is more than just a top-notch audio-video system and sublime integration. It’s the little details on which the trades must collaborate in order to take the project to that next level. HomeWaves in Cumming, Ga., takes a unique approach, combining parts of the four trades into its business model, but remaining flexible enough to handle any project, from that fiercely principled architect to the most tenacious interior designer. Building Mutually Beneficial Relationships Because HomeWaves focuses on “the art of electronic architecture” as Adam Weart, manager of design and engineering,

Set in Concrete

It’s hard to impress a Silicon Valley executive who is heavily involved in technology. The level of sophistication that this particular client expected was high, and he required that all technology be hidden from view and fully integrated into his home’s sleek, streamlined urban architecture and minimalist décor. “This is one of the most demanding clients I have ever worked with,” says Brian Hodges, VP of sales at Engineered Environments ( “He [pays] immaculate attention to detail. If you couldn’t play at his level, he simply wasn’t interested.” To navigate this complex project that was being built from the ground up, Engineered Environments

At Home in the Commercial District

At InfoComm 2007—held this year at the Anaheim (Calif.) Convention Center—my mission was to cull the residential news from this largely commercial A/V and information systems show. Amid the A/V switchers with mind-boggling numbers of connections and the 10,000-lumen projectors that would scorch the retinas of home users, I discovered a few new finds ideal for the custom installer. Audio for the residential market was virtually nonexistent, so I focused on video. Projectors Among the mammoth commercial projectors with crazy brightness, a few new home theater projectors were on hand. I saw three distinct trends in the category: “inexpensive,” 1,080p, and models with Texas

Spotlight: Homeowners Could Use a Little Structure

Like many Americans, I live in wire hell, although perhaps in a deeper circle of wire hell than most. My old Craftsman home has DirecTV satellite feeding three entertainment systems, a home office with a fax machine, two computers hooked into high-speed internet, business and VoIP phone lines and a dedicated home theater in my converted garage. Each application requires a tangle of wires that run up my walls and across my floors, where they lay together in dusty clumps. Still, even my issues are amateur compared to what custom integrators and builders need to address: security, lighting, HVAC, whole-house audio, intercoms. I shudder

Spotlight: Some Prominent Structured Wiring Solutions and Applications

Channel Vision Central features easy-to-install, easy-to-upgrade modular structured wiring systems and components. Each component in the system can be effortlessly snapped into place inside a panel. Solutions range from entry-level up to premium packages, simplifying system design and offering the installer flexibility to address various situations. System products include amplified RF products, computer products, enclosures and covers, fiber optics, IR distribution, passive RF products, satellite distribution, speaker distribution, structured modulation, telephone products and wall plates. Imagine a fire started in your client’s home. Through Honeywell’s Internet Connection Module (ICM), the security system is triggered, a buzzer sounds to wake occupants, the HVAC system

This Month’s Project: The Renaissance Theater

Acoustic Innovations (AI) of Boca Raton, Fla., maintains a very unique relationship with custom A/V integrators. It doesn’t do installations itself, but the full-service interiors and acoustics company works directly with installers to create gorgeous home theater spaces. “Usually, custom installers come to us as they would another vendor,” says AI founder Jay Miller. “We work with these installers to design, manufacture and install theater interiors that take into account both aesthetic and acoustic issues, such as room isolation and room reverberation.” End users often contact AI directly; AI simply refers them to one of its 100-plus affiliated local installers so each client can

A Pillar of theCommunity

Located in one of the most thriving shopping areas in America, just off the Third Street Promenade and a stone’s throw from the Pacific Ocean and the world-famous Santa Monica (Calif.) Pier, TV Authority Santa Monica is much more than just an A/V store. It’s a hybrid retail store/custom installation firm that can do something as simple as selling a TV to something as complicated as installing a full-blown home theater and whole-home automation system. Lots of C-businesses can say the same thing, of course. What makes this location much different is that it’s also an art gallery, a swank venue for events, an