John Stiernberg

John Stiernberg
Business Chops Tip #142: How Well Do You Demonstrate Systems?

An industry truism says, "The demo makes the sale." That¹s easier said than done in an integrated systems context. Dealers integrate multiple sub-systems (e.g. audio vs. video), components, and brands. Whether residential or commercial, it¹s the whole-building systems that are the trickiest to demo.

Business Chops Tip #134: Do Your Manufacturer Suppliers "Get It"?

For custom retailers, "the system" is the product. Individual brands of gear, while important, play supporting roles to the "brand" of the systems provider. If an individual component of the system fails, it¹s the dealer that the customer goes to first for "making good on it."

Business Chops Tip #132: What¹s On Your Dashboard?

It's true that what gets measured gets done. Being able to quantify goals and objectives is a step toward making them realistic and achievable.  Good custom retailers have financial metrics and goals. 

Business Chops Tip #126: Does the Stock Market Help or Hurt Sales?

The stock market has ticked upward recently- a good thing for investors and stockbrokers. The news media report seemingly every fluctuation, with greater emphasis on downward movement than upward. Someone sneezes in the Eurozone and share values "plummet."

Business Chops Tip #122: Do You Understand Your Competition?

The two basic categories of competition are 1) direct and 2) indirect.Direct competitors are selling similar types of products to your same customers. Indirect competition goes after the same target customers' attention ("mindshare") and money.

Business Chops Tip #121: Do You Understand Your Customers?

Your customers have specific needs and expectations.  They evaluate your performance based their own unique criteria.  As you build customer relationships, you develop deeper understanding of what their buying criteria are (why they buy from you vs. competitors).