Jeremy Burkhardt

Jeremy Burkhardt
Not Just Another Show

Any of us who have been a part of the industry for more than a few months have had the displeas… uh, opportunity of attending one of the many tradeshows offered to those in the electronics industry. In all seriousness, these events can be a blessing or a curse depending on how you approach them. The upcoming CEDIA EXPO is certainly a case in point. Please allow us to make a few recommendations for getting the most out of your time at any tradeshow. Plan Ahead You will be amazed how much more effective you will be and how much more you will accomplish

You Belong

Life is a fascinating adventure. A few of you have a plan that you have carefully crafted that is leading to a life of accomplishment and fulfillment. You have imagined specific landmarks and achievements along the way to confirm your continued progress along the path. You are able to document your constant improvement and enjoy the major triumphs you experience on a regular basis. You also have your teeth cleaned regularly and rotate your tires every six months without fail. The rest of us hate you. Well, maybe hate is too strong a word. We are annoyed, disturbed, irritated or just cheesed off.

What You See is What You Hear

The key element of all successful businesses is quality communication. Communication actually needs to be more than just “quality”; it needs to be open, frank, concise, succinct, respectful and illuminating. It needs to be so honest that it is even scary at times. So many missteps in business come from a lack of clearly understanding the current situation, the customer’s position, an employee’s needs or the nature of a dispute. So many of these challenges are easier to address than we realize if they are clearly understood by all parties involved. If the root of the problem is so simple, why does it continue

Your Brand Is Your Testament

What is a brand? A brand is a promise that you will always deliver the same quality product or experience each and every time your customer has an interaction with your company. What are you doing to create that promise with your clients? Every moment you interact is a gift, as a friend of mine said, “turn moments into monuments.” So how do you create “monuments”? Your time to get better is now, either do or do not do, focus, plan and execute with vigor and excitement. Time to Self-Examine You—who are you and what promise do you and your role in the

Fighting the Good Fight

In his recent blockbuster, Sylvester Stallone brought the Rocky saga to a close. Many of us grew up watching the Philadelphia underdog as he overcame insurmountable odds to rise to the top of his profession. In the final installment of the series, Rocky makes a slight modification to the old adage “It’s not how many times you fall down, it’s how many times you get back up that matters.” His take was significantly more assertive and had much more impact. He is describing life to his son in the appropriate boxing metaphor when he says, “It’s not how hard you can hit that matters,

Winning or Whining, a Matter of Choice

It’s wintertime, cold and grey for most of the country, and spring seems a distant wish. The economy is a bit chilly as well. Local and national news anchors won’t let us forget that things are less than positive and we had better prepare for the worst. The economy is a major issue in the national political battle and both sides are making it the dragon that only they can slay. It is no surprise that we are often caught looking at the gloom with depressing resignation. The logical assumption is that if the economy is bad our business will follow suit. This

Carpe Diem—Seize the Day

Another year begins and with it comes thoughts of new beginnings, new challenges, new opportunities and new chances for victory, dominance, growth and the illusive desire to achieve the goals you have set for yourself and your business. Many of us have burned the midnight oil in December trying to wrap-up the year strong and make a fresh start. Every one of the last couple hundred days has had us focused on the falling value of the dollar, the war in Iraq, gas prices and housing foreclosures. The world would have us concentrating on all of the fears, obstacles, financial woes and concerns. The

Is Your Message Getting Through?

We live in incredible times. We can tap into the minds of great thinkers and massive institutions at the click of a button. We can peruse the libraries of the world’s finest universities and review doctoral dissertations from our easy chairs. We have over 500 channels of entertainment, sports, news, history and science falling out of the sky 24 hours a day. The Library of Congress houses over 20 million books alone, not to mention millions of periodicals, photographs and film clips. We’ve come a long way from Gutenberg’s first printed work in the mid-15th century. However, with this massive amount of potential knowledge

Become a Sales Avenger

“You’d be a great salesman!” they said. “Hey, you’re smart, look good, you have the gift of gab and you don’t mind stretching the truth a little bit.” If these are the credentials for a sales position, we’d rather do nothing. Sure, a salesperson needs to be able to communicate, and it certainly helps if he or she is also likable and outgoing. But let’s make sure we’re making a clear distinction between a salesman and a cheesy suit out to make a quick commission. We’ve seen many salesmen hawk one product today as technically dominant, and the next month (after they’ve been terminated)